REVIEW / In The Woods - Cease The Day

Cease The Day is an epic and dark Norwegian melodic metal album fit for the end of days!
In The Woods Cease The Day Review
posted 03 December 2018 09:03am updated 03 December 2018 10:13am

In The Woods Review

Cease The Day Album Review

In The Woods New Album

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In The Woods have been around since the early ’90s and Cease The Day marks the release of their 5th studio album. Formed in the dark depths of southern Norway, the band have had a complex history of creation and destruction. Constantly building up and falling down, in between constantly changing band members, it’s been difficult to keep the momentum going which is without a doubt the biggest downfall of any band and would see most artists give up. In The Woods, however, decided to give it their all and rescue the dying embers of the fading light that seemed to be looming over them.

Drummer and Vocalist, Anders and James teamed up with Bernt Sørensen for the live act, quickly realizing he would be the ideal addition to the band. Recorded partly in Brighton, England and partly in Kristiansand, Norway, In The Woods set about creating their unique mix of progressive metal, mystical melody, and haunting ethereal tones that set the esthetic for Cease The Day. A fitting title considering their history.

From the onset [Cease The Day], it’s empirically clear that In The Woods are undoubtedly a group of extremely talented musicians and songwriters. They show no interest in simply being in a band for the sake of being in a band and praying for endorsement or validation, a path many modern bands seem to think will be their rite of passage into becoming revered as pioneers in their respected genre by their contemporaries, and peers alike. Cease The Day is a prime example of true musicianship, innovation, and mastery of instruments.

Vocally, James Fogarty delivers an impressively diverse range and style of vocal. Pushing the boundaries of melody, and harsh tones, whilst not going over the top as many death/progressive metal bands tend to try and achieve. Usually failing. If anything, the extended use of melodic vocals throughout the record has breathed new life into the bands overall sound. Progressive and dark metal generally tends to go completely overkill with the “demonic” style vocals and it can often destroy an album. In The Woods have achieved, what is usually an extremely difficult task, extraordinary balance and even insight into the inner workings of tone and audio juxtaposition. These traits really define the unique sound throughout the record.

Cease The Day is passionate, from the heart, and a true testament to great musicianship.

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