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Mallen have definitely put themselves on the right path with their debut album
posted 11 September 2018 12:03pm updated 15 September 2018 17:03pm


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ONE of the biggest problems the alternative music industry currently faces is the quality of new music available to fans, and we’re talking about recording quality, production quality, and the overall skill that musicians have to offer when they decide to form a band in the first place. We’ve come to a point in music where literally anybody can afford to buy a laptop, home studio equipment, and even have access to free audio recording software, which has a lot of positives, but the negatives far outweigh this. We end up with 1000’s of new “albums” being released on a daily basis that sound absolutely horrific, and it gives alternative music a bad image and an even worse sound.

This is why we’re super impressed by the debut album from Mallen, ‘Polarity’. The production on this album is absolutely incredible, and if you didn’t know it was their first full-length record, you’d think they were veteran musicians that had been doing this for years. Take a band like Bring Me The Horizon, for example, their early recordings were rough at best, but listen to their latest track, ‘Mantra’, and you wouldn’t know it was the same band. This is thanks to seriously impressive production, great musicianship, and releasing a record the right way, which is exactly what Mallen have done.

if you are going to take on the world, you gotta do it right now - Mallen

When you show professionalism from the very start, you're setting yourself up to succeed as a band. Another vital aspect for any new band is making sure they have a unique vocalist fronting their sound. This is especially difficult when it comes to female fronted hard rock bands as most of them come across as overkill, trying to hit ridiculous notes and wobble all over the place. ‘Polarity’ showcases the vocal talents of Kelly Jane, in which she displays a great vocal range, but also great control over her voice which many female (and male) singers completely lack the ability to accomplish. A bad vocal can instantly ruin any record, regardless of how accomplished the music appears to be.

In terms of the genre and styling on this record, it’s definitely more hard rock and metal as opposed to the hundreds of female fronted Paramore pop style copycat bands out there, which we really don’t need any more of. Mallen have definitely put themselves on the right path to finding their own unique musical stamp, and if they continue to experiment and develop their own sound, they will easily be able to create a very distinguishable one. It is, however, a very fine line between becoming unique and falling into the same pop-rock trap that many other bands are lured into. Let’s hope they stick to the heavier side of hard rock.

Overall, Mallen’s debut album, ‘Polarity’, is a well put together record with outstanding production and the band should be really proud of it. Best tracks on the album by far are ‘The Otherside’, ‘All I Want’, ‘Falling’ and title track ‘Polarity’. It’s seriously refreshing to listen to a band that are taking their passion seriously and putting everything they have into their music.