REVIEW / Memphis May Fire - Broken

Broken, overall, is a perfect mix of everything that Memphis May Fire have done previously and a bold, adventurous leap into the future.
posted 08 November 2018 09:03am updated 08 November 2018 10:13am

Memphis May Fire Review

Memphis May Fire Album Review

Memphis May Fire New Album

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Memphis May Fire are set to release their 6th studio album, Broken, next Friday (16th November), their first release since 2016’s This Light I Hold. Broken is described as being a ‘confessional [album]’ which ‘confronts the brokenness so many people feel, and challenges that darkness with an aggressive call toward a hard-won victory.’

The band cross and break down barriers of genre, whilst being an unmercifully melodic and heavy band. Memphis May Fire have a strong back catalogue of tracks, with an ever-growing audience and playing festivals and venues all over the world. Memphis May Fire have toured with a diverse mix of bands and artists and have built up their following along the way. On top of this, the band have been veterans of the Vans Warped Tour, alongside playing charity shows in the United States.

The first track, ‘The Old Me’ is extremely catchy and even more powerful right from the start when speaking about the track, lead singer Matty Mullins says “The Old Me is about my struggle with anxiety and depression. What feels like a war between good and evil, loathing the person I become mentally when it consumes me, and trying to remember what life was like before I lived with the symptoms. Ultimately hoping to one day become that person, The Old Me, again.” This track is a perfect starter to this record.

‘Sell My Soul’, 3rd track up on this album is a stand out track, as it’s a lot calmer than many of Memphis May Fire’s other tracks, yet still packs a groovy punch. ‘Sell My Soul’ is an adventurous expansion of the bands sound, one that is intriguing, yet ultimately works well for them.

Next up is ‘Who I Am’ which is back to being a traditional, heavy Memphis May Fire track. ‘Who I Am’ lyrically addresses the topics of accepting who we are, that people aren’t flawless and that everybody has their flaws but we have to strive to accept who we are, this track is extremely catchy, and within a couple of listens, you’ll definitely be singing along.

The name of the album, Broken, makes it obvious what the tracks encased on this album are written about, the band believes that they needed to be honest, and to ‘encourage people who are struggling to feel understood and known.’

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‘Heavy Is The Weight’ speaks about how good things never come easily, and how people’s perceptions of other people may not always be correct. This track is empowering.

‘You & Me’ is another fantastic piece, filled with atmospheric guitar riffs, beautiful synths, and amazing piano. This track is written about the break down of a relationship, about how feelings (and people) change and move on.

Closer of the album, ‘Live Another Day’ is another exhilarating piece, which is written about fighting off suicidal thoughts, as everybody is special and different in their own way, and it’s not worth throwing away.

Broken, overall, is a perfect mix of everything that Memphis May Fire have done previously and a bold, adventurous leap into the future. This album holds the band’s signature passion and diversity tightly. This album is destined to stand out in the band's discography.

WATCH / Memphis May Fire - The Old Me

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