REVIEW // Is this the WORST or BEST hardcore record of 2019? // ILS

This could be something special...
Posted 10.01.2019 09:03am Updated 10.01.2019 10:13am

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REVIEW // Is this the WORST or BEST hardcore record of 2019?

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So, today as the title suggests we may have discovered the best or possibly the worst Hardcore record of 2019. We nearly didn't even bother with this record, we get sent so many emails from bands, labels, pr companies asking us to review their stuff and check them out, we generally work with a specific group of labels and PR companies because they always send us interesting material and they send us a ton of information about the record and the band, for this record, we we’re literally sent one sentence that essentially said, check out this band, we usually delete these emails as the music usually isn’t worth listening to.

For some reason, we decided to give this record a quick once over, just in case, and, with in the first 20 seconds I thought, what the fuck is this shit….it sounded badly mixed, badly recorded, and the vocal honestly just made us turn the record off straight away. Really didn’t think it was anything special at all.

Then for some strange reason I decided to listen to another track, again, just in case and in the first 20 seconds of this track i kind of sat back and thought hmmmm...10 seconds later I started to get insane goosebumps, like seriously goosebumps and started to think, holy shit,there might just be something here…

The song in question is called ‘Northstar’, it has this really repetitive lyric and repetitive riff, one of the heaviest riffs I’ve heard for a while, and not just because of the actual frequency it’s played at, or the rhythm, but the amount of anger and passion you can feel is really overwhelming. It just gets you hooked.

I’m gonna play you a little clip of this track before I go back to the opening track...check this out….

What initially gave us a really negative view of this record at the start was the first vocal you hear is very similar to a Death/Black metal vocal which honestly, is often a vocal we just have no interest in, however, when we started to listen to this record properly, you start to see how it’s actually quite a genius contrast between the mellow vocal that also features throughout the record. It then becomes very apparent that this vocal is being delivered with the highest level of skill, and it’s full of passion and we really started to dig it.

So we’re going to play a clip from each track on this EP and the one thing I will say is make sure you have a decent sound system or headphones, not because the recording is bad, it’s actually a great recording, however, this record will not be done justice on a shitty pair of laptop or computer speakers, you really need to get involved mentally with this record, so you need decent sound, check it out...

...I can image the first listen is going to bring a lot of mixed feelings about this record but I can promise you, the more you listen to this record, the more you start to realise how fucking incredibly innovative it is. There’s elements of Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Black Flag, and even T.S.O.L. ….

The band themselves are called ILS, and they’re from Portland, Oregon and they formed last year in 2018, when you hear the full EP and realise these guys have only been together for less than a year, you’ll really start to think, shit, this band could be really special.

Now the EP itself is called ‘Pain Don’t Hurt’ and it’s a 5 track EP that was only released in December just gone. And for the record, it is actually recorded really well, and mixed really well, it’s just a very different sound your ears are probably accustomed to so you need to give this record a few plays.

We quickly started to realize that this could be one of the most innovative records we get to hear this year, maybe even this decade. However, people need to give it chance as the first listen probably won't do it for you, the reason being it’s just really out there in terms of its style and personal character, it’s just different and different doesn’t come along that often anymore. The last band that I can truly put my hands up and say “They we’re the innovators” would be Converge, when I first heard Converge their music melted my brain, and this EP is starting to have the same effect on me.

This could honestly be one of the best records we see released in the next 12 months, maybe even this decade and I think if the band keep doing whatever it is they’re doing to create such a phomnoamlly sound, they could produced some incredible material in the years to come, and even become innovators themselves, which is not something we say lightly.

For me personally it’s one of those records I want to have been the first one to discover it out of my friends, and although the cover is confusing, I can easily see it being one of the most memorable in your music collection because it represents such an epic collection of songs.

You can download the record from the bands bandcamp, we’ll leave a link below, and please let us know what you think of this record in the comments.

Thanks so much for tuning in, don’t forget to subscribe for more, that’s all from us so bye for now.

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