WATCH / Hardcore Superstar - ADHD is another power anthem from the Swedish Rockers

A band that just keep getting better
posted 05 September 2018 12:03pm updated 05 September 2018 14:03pm

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THIS band really can do no wrong. ‘ADHD’ is the fifth single to be taken from their new studio album, ‘You Can’t Kill My Rock & Roll’ which is set to be released 21st September 2018.

ADHD seems to tackle an issue many people face, having to hide aspects of their identity

Is there a chance for me Will never change my personality A plan for me Where I can keep my personality

It’s another huge song from Hardcore Superstar and every record they release seems to get more and more epic. They recently headlined Sweden Rock Festival earlier this summer and will no doubt be heading out on another huge tour to promote the new album.

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