WATCH / Pretty Vicious release Nirvana/Grunge inspired new song ‘Move’

Young Grunge!
posted 22 September 2018 12:03pm updated 22 September 2018 14:03pm

Pretty Vicious

Pretty Vicious Move


STILL all aged under 21 and having experienced the music industry at its most turbulent, Pretty Vicious are a band that have now found their footing and have unlocked the potential of how powerful their music truly is; with every scream and guitar screech, they’re one step closer to replicating the arena rock success of their forefathers. They have the songs, anthemic and heavy, as well as a youthful zeal that feels like a breath of fresh air.

The young Welsh four piece played only 4 gigs before they got picked up by an A&R scout and thrown into the music industry. After their (now ex) management had reached a dead end with the initial recording process and a string of incompatible producers, fate conspired to drop a copy of their raw demos on the desk of U.S. based GRAMMY award winning producer and Big Machine Label Group A&R executive Julian Raymond.

Immediately recognizing their immense, unhoned potential, Raymond wasted no time in bringing them into the fold of Big Machine’s newly created rock label in partnership with iconic fashion designer John Varvatos.

Although the band are still very young, they’ve shown amazing promise in their music, it’s heavy, angry, raw and in your face. Their latest single just screams GRUNGE and sucks you into a powerful NIrvana inspired ore chorus. This is definitely a young band to watch out for!

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