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And they're right
posted 10 September 2018 12:03pm updated 10 September 2018 14:03pm

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ONE of the most prominent garage trash rock and roll bands to ever come out of America have spoken out against the state of modern music in their new video single, ‘History Of Rock N' Roll’, which was released today.

Supersuckers have enjoyed a long and successful career as an all out rock and roll band since starting out in the late 80’s and many bands tried to follow in their footsteps and portray the same raw dirty rock and roll image, but many failed, mainly because Supersuckers are real rock and roll, not an image like most modern “rock” bands.

If somebody is a carpenter for 30 years, they’re gonna be a fucking good carpenter, you know?” says Eddie. “So it shouldn’t be such a surprise that a band just gets better over time and I really genuinely believe that we have Eddie / Supersuckers

Their new video is essentially a showcase of some of the most prolific underground rock garage bands from the last 30 years of real rock music. Bands that could actually call themselves rock and roll. They were honest, real, and didn’t give a fuck about what anybody else thought of them. They innovated new sounds and pushed the boundaries of debauchery, these bands are sadly being replaced by whatever the fuck modern rap is doing now, people would rather pick up a sampler over a guitar and idolize people that press play on a laptop.
In the video, lead singer Eddie pays tribute to bands that he considers to be the epitome of rock and roll such as Rocket From The Crypt, New Bomb Turks, Zeke, The Dwarfs, Mudhoney, Nashville Pussy, L7, Electric Frankenstein and even The Hellacopters. His lyrics go on to state how he doesn't give a shit about modern rock music because it’s basically shit, and we couldn't agree more.

If you don't know who any of the bands are in this video, GO AND LISTEN TO THEM!

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