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WATCH /(Lyrics - Antisocial) While She Sleeps just released an incredible new single and video! ANTISOCIAL

posted 29 October 2018 09:03am updated 29 October 2018 10:13am

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UK hardcore outfit spent the last week teasing fans with cryptic videos of a person dressed in an all white BIO HAZMAT suit holding a black USB stick with a question mark on it. On saturday, the band gave away a secret location to collect the limited edition USB stick with the new song stored on it.

While She Sleeps have now officially released the new track, ‘Antisocial’ after and exclusive play on Daniel P Carters BBC Radio One Rock Show (Sunday 28th).

The only way to really describe the new song from While She Sleeps, ‘AntiSocial’, is an apocalyptic digital audio armageddon that makes you feel as if 1000 Terminator T2’s are chasing you, it’s pure chaos!

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While She Sleeps ANTISOCIAL Lyrics

I won’t be nervous
When everybody around us
Says god we don’t deserve this
And begs before they accept our fate
I want the world but I’m not
Prepared to work for a change
I think I’d rather be dead

I’m not anti-social, I’m anti-bullshit

You’re gonna follow like a freelance sucker of the next biggest trend
We’re pissing into the wind, to be heard by the indifferent
Shit talker, you’ve double crossed your own
You’re gonna suffer like a rat in the smoke

How the hell am I supposed to know
We’re only human is a valid excuse
For why my mind's polluted
Do you want the truth or do you want to assume it?

So raise it up, up, up
If you’re sick of this fake smile politics
Up up if you’re sick of this race we’re running
What you living for if you can’t even feel it?
What is living without letting go

Serves you right, to justify the face that keeps you up at night
The mask you wear to cover it up and we can see it in your eyes
Serves you right, to justify the face that keeps you up at night
The mask you wear to cover it up and I can see it in your eyes

I'm sick of the sound
I'm sick of the hand we’ve been dealt
Sick from the drugs that they tell me to take
I'm sick of the drugs that we take to rebel
Sick of corruption in wealth
Sick of corruption itself
Sick of division in colour, religion
When we’re all the same

Just leave it alone
My head's about to explode
So sick of the same sound syndrome
Thank fuck for headphones

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