For those of you not familiar with Alex Jones, you’re in for a treat. He is best known for his radio show Infowars where he talks about a wide range of conspiracy theories involving world governments, aliens, Illuminati, and other extremely curious views on the world.

He regularly has guests on his show that help to back up his somewhat Science Fiction like claims about the mass cover-ups of strange things that happen around the world and generally rants for a few hours about some seriously interesting things...

Alex Jones recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience to express some of his more interesting theories on the world around. In what turned out to be a 4 hour and 40-minute long episode, we sat through the entire event to capture its greatest moments for you. You watch the full show below. The show aired as Joe Rogan Experience #1255 - Alex Jones Returns! and was Streamed live on Feb 27, 2019.

Here are 37 insane things Alex Jones said on the Joe Rogan Experience. Let’s just remember, just because it’s bat shit crazy, doesn’t mean it isn’t true...

1 Schizophrenic people think everything's a conspiracy
2 Half of Brazilian people have the brain worm that makes you psychotic
3 The brain worm programs you to want to have more cats and smell piss
4 20 Years ago they had cows that produced human milk
5 They had human-animal hybrids 30 years ago
6 The government has giant human tissue farms
7 I bet you 10 million dollars Humanoids are real
8 Aliens are creating human-animal hybrids here on Earth
9 You can grow bigger humanoids in Cows
10 They’ve made deals with interdimensional aliens
11 They gotta make you part Cow so the Cow keeps you
12 We interface with space winds
13 Your cell phone tracks you, watches you and controls you
14 San Francisco has an alien base with astronaut people taking super hardcore levels of drugs and going into meetings with the aliens and making intergalactic deals
15 When you’re asleep your brain is working in the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimension
16 I was 7 or 8 years old when I heard about the Cyborgs infiltrating Russia
17 Nasa is a scientist cult planning a breakaway civilization
18 A lot of nurses have noticed that babies disappear at birth for organ harvesting by the government
19 How much money do you think they can get for keeping a 7 and a half pound baby alive for two weeks?
20 I will give 1 million dollars to your [Joe] charity of choice if you can prove I am making up the fact the governor of Virginia can keep babies alive after they’re born because he harvesting organs for the government
21 They’ve weaponized Marijuana so it causes more Schizophrenia
22 I have a lot of friends that are already susceptible and they think I’m wearing Swastika shoes
23 The EU was set up by the Nazis and Volkswagen
24 Hitler gave 15-year-olds super hot hookers and loads of drugs
25 Dogs are psychic
26 I’m 6 percent Native American and that makes me wild
27 You can mind control Native Americans really fast
28 Once Asians go to war...they’re like robots going into battle
29 The government tried to blow up the Earth's atmosphere with Hydrogen bombs in the 60s
30 I don’t almost exist because America fought Hitler
31 I let the girl put makeup on me when I was 13 and she had sex with me, then she said “Now I’m gonna choke you out” then her 30-year-old boyfriend tried to kill me in a parking lot
32 They make you join fraternities so you have sex with sheep and give guys blow jobs
33 Nasa is the German breakaway government and their spaceships are just PR
34 They had virtual reality gloves in the 60s that you put them on and put goggles on and you’d go into stuff that looked like the holodeck from Star Trek
35 They turn your heart off for 5 minutes and they pump oxygen into your blood and you’re in the meetings with Aliens
36 Grey Aliens are biological androids
37 They’ve got remote controlled rats that can blow up buildings
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