Bring Me The Horizon have had their fair share of ups and downs since their hardcore emo screamo days kicked off back in 2004 where they were met by a torrent of love and hate from the rising metalcore scene in the UK at the time.

Developing their sound from all out anger to their latest offering, Amo, featuring some of their most diverse work to date, Bring Me The Horizon have become one of the most unconventional, and innovative metal bands in recent times.

Their 6th studio album, Amo, not only highlighted their talent as musicians, but it also earned them their first number one album in the UK charts when it was released it was released on 25 January 2019.

Now, some more good news for the Sheffield collective. Amo is one of the biggest selling vinyl records of 2019 so far. Currently sitting at Number 7 just behind David Bowie, ‘Legacy’ in the official UK chart statistics.

Lead single from the album, ‘Mantra’ took the UK by storm and helped to solidify the bands reputation as true innovators of the rock/metal genre.

Speaking to The Grammy Recording Academy back in January, Sykes had this to say about the their awesome single Mantra.

We'd been writing for about nine months, I would say, and we had a load of cool stuff, we had a lot of stuff that we were really excited about. But it was the more experimental and weirder stuff and the stuff that you'd never heard Horizon do before, which we were excited about but the same time, we were ... One night I just said to myself, "Alright, if the record label or management or whatever said, ‘What song are you going to show the world first,’ what would it be?
- Oli Sykes

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