Backyard Babies write a new page in the history books of Rock & Roll with ‘Sliver & Gold’

Sliver & Gold looks set to be a truly influential record for generations to come, and Backyard Babies have once again secured another page in the history books of Rock and Roll.
Posted 04.03.2019 09:03am Updated 04.03.2019 10:13am

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Do you know what’s really getting old? After decades of nothing but rock and roll music filling the airways? With bands like Backyard Babies releasing album after album with the same style of music over and over again. Do you know what’s really getting old after 30 years of listening to a band like Backyard Babies? Hearing people say ‘Rock is dead’.

What are you listening to? How do you come to the conclusion that ‘Rock is dead’ when after 30 years one of the most innovative rock and roll bands, not just in Sweden, but on the planet have once again released a pure hellion rock and roll album full of fresh lyrics, guitar licks, and punk rock attitude?

"This time the band joined forces under a shorter amount of time and wrote the most intense and furious album to date with accurate lyrics and trademark riffs.” - Nicke Borg

Now, when we say ‘the same style over and over again’ this is not to be confused with ‘the same song over and over again’ which is a trap many bands fall into. Many bands fail to inject individuality into each album they release. This is what sets Backyard Babies apart from every other rock and roll band on the planet. Each record is a fresh take on their own unique style of rock. This is also a testament to how passionate the band truly are when it comes to music. Backyard Babies write for passion, not money or fame.

Backyard Babies have always displayed Rain Man like qualities when it comes to songwriting. Maybe it’s something in the Swedish water that gives Nicke and Dregen ridiculously amazing talents and insight when it comes to penning a Backyard Babies record. Especially when you consider Dregens solo record back in 2013, the musical diversity on this album was and still is, absolutely outstanding. If you ever wondered who would be your next generation guitar god after Keith Richards, look no further than Dregen. Obviously, Keith RIchards is never going to die, but ya know, Dregen is another option, just saying.

”After all these years touring and making music together, we still love what we do. And still we find new ways musically. Sliver & Gold sounds like classic Backyard Babies but with a total new set of spices. And they are damn hot!” - Dregen

When you look at the entire back catalog of Backyard Babies records, it’s clear to see that diversity is how they’ve managed to stay sounding so fresh and innovative for 30 years.

Sliver & Gold is by far their most Blues Rock influenced album. Although it might not sound like a directly blues-rock album, if you really listen closely, you can hear many elements of The Rolling Stones, Hanoi Rocks, and classic Andy McCoy style licks who were all heavily based and influenced by Blues. ‘Ragged Flag’ screams of a Stones track, all you need here is a bit of Keith Richards slide guitar and some howling wolf screaming over the top of it.

Another possible hint of a Hanoi Rocks influence on Sliver & Gold is the track ‘A Day Late In My Dollar Shorts’. Go and check out the Hanoi album ‘12 Shots On The Rocks’ and you’ll see a song called ‘A Day Late, A Dollar Short’. Could just be a coincidence, however, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Backyard Babies paying respect to the Finnish originators of Glam Rock and Roll.

Sliver & Gold looks set to be a truly influential record for generations to come, and Backyard Babies have once again secured another page in the history books of Rock and Roll.

Backyard Babies Tour Dates
The Nordic Tour 2019:

15.02 // Falu Bowling & Krog, Falun
15.03 // Cinema, Enköping
16.03 // Klubb Ron, Ronneby
22.03 // Värmekyrkan, Norrköping
23.03 // Lokomotivet, Eskilstuna
27.03 // Katalin, Uppsala
28.03 // Pustervik, Göteborg
29.03 // KB, Malmö
30.03 // Frimis Salonger, Örebro
05.04 // Halmstad Live, Halmstad
06.04 // The Tivoli, Helsingborg
11.04 // Klubi, Tammerfors (FI)
12.04 // The Circus, Helsinfors (FI)
13.04 // Zemppi Areena, Kempele (FI)
24.05 // Gröna Lund, Stockholm


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