Best Swedish and Scandinavian Rock and Hard Rock Bands

Some of the best rock music you can listen to right now is coming straight out of Sweden, it's the 'Scandinavian Invasion'
Posted 13.02.2019 09:03am Updated 13.02.2019 10:13am

Best Swedish Rock Bands

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New Swedish Rock Bands

Scandinavian Rock Bands

You are most likely familiar with some of the best and new Rock, Metal and Hardrock bands to rise to fame, not just in recent years, but some of the old school bands to hail from music utopias such as the United Kingdom, and The United States during the 70s and 80s. Both countries are synonymous with producing some of the finest rock and metal bands of all time.

You’ll be familiar with names such as Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and so on. If you're going to look for new Rock and Metal bands then the best place would be to look in the United Kingdom, and The United States, Right?

It may surprise you to know that some of the best talents in the Rock, Hardrock and Metal Industry right now is coming straight out of Scandinavia, more specifically Sweden. The best Rock, Hardrock and Metal bands right now are all in Sweden!



The Swedish rock scene got a huge kickstart with bands like The Hellacopters, and The Hives in the early 90s and has been one of the most constantly growing Rock and Metal scenes ever since.

We’re going to take a look at some of the Best Swedish Rock Bands of 2019, the best Swedish Rock Bands of all time, and the best new Swedish and Scandinavian Rock bands.

The Best Swedish Rock Bands

The Swedish rock scene enjoyed a huge rock revival in the early 90s and many people credit this revival to two seminal Swedish Garage Rock bands: The Hellacopters, and The Hives.

The Hellacopters were formed by Nicke Andersson (vocals and guitar), Andreas Tyrone "Dregen" Svensson (guitar), Kenny Håkansson (bass) and Robert Eriksson (drums) in 1994. Although The Hellacopters was initially a side project, the band started to gain a great deal of momentum upon releasing their Swedish Grammy-winning debut album ‘Supershitty to the Max!’. The Hellacopters also went on to tour with American Hardrock hellions KISS in the late 90s.

Although the Hellacopters split in 2008, they reformed in 2016 and are still going strong.

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The Hives are also credited as being one of the pioneers of the Swedish rock revival in the early 90s. Again, formed in the early 90s, The Hives recorded a demo titled ‘Sounds Like Sushi’ in 1994 before releasing their debut EP ‘Oh Lord! When? How?’. The Hives are Howlin' Pelle, Nicholaus Arson, Chris Dangerous, The Johan and Only, Vigilante Carlstroem.

The Hellacopters and The Hives are probably the two most well-known Rock bands to come from Sweden, however, there are some other rock bands that, for some reason, don’t seem to get as much credit for influencing the Rock, Hardrock, and Metal scene that has contributed so much to today’s thriving Scandinavia Rock Scene.

These bands are, The Backyard Babies, Hanoi Rocks, Gluecifer, and Turbonegro.

Hanoi Rocks, out of all of these bands, should receive the highest mention as they were said to influence Guns N Roses. Hanoi Rocks formed in Finland in the late 70s and released some of the most incredible rock albums of all time.

Turbonegro have long been held as one of the most controversial Rock bands to come out of the Scandinavian movement. They are the very embodiment of dirty underground rock and roll.

WATCH // Dregen - Flat Tyre On A Muddy Road

The Backyard Babies, again, seem to go largely unnoticed as pioneers of the Swedish Rock movement, however, they are still to this day one of the most innovative Swedish Rock bands.

If you want all out Scandinavian Garage Rock then you need to check out Gluecifer. Again, formed in the early 90s and deserve way more recognition than they ever received. Gluecifer albums include: Ridin' The Tiger (1997), Soaring With The Eagles At Night, To Rise With The, Pigs In The Morning (1998), Tender Is The Savage (2000), Basement Apes (2002), Automatic Thrill (2004).

The Best Scandinavia and Swedish Rock bands are The Hellacopters, The Hives, Backyard Babies, Gluecifer, Hanoi Rocks and Turbonegro.

Best Top Swedish and Scandinavian Rock and Hard Rock Bands 2018 and 2019

We’re actually going to cover the best Swedish and Scandinavian Rock bands that have released great music over the last few years, not just 2018 and 2019. There’s just too much great Swedish Rock Music, we can’t miss any out!

Listen to the Best Swedish Rock and Hard Rock Bands 2018 and 2019



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