So first off, yes we know, Walt managed to take a fatal bullet in the last season of Breaking Bad leaving him apparently lifeless and certainly in no position to cook meth. Although, meth does make you do crazy things!

You’ll remember the final scene. Walt takes a machine gun to the skulls of a gang of Nazi’s and unfortunately manages to shoot himself in the process. He takes a slow walk through his beloved meth lab, smearing a bloody hand print on one of the silver tanks before collapsing to the ground revealing a gunshot wound to the abdomen, and appearing to bleed out before taking a final breath, just in time for the cops to roll up and do their thing.

Although it may seem as if Walter White had been cast off into the abyss for all eternity, there was no funeral and no albumlance crew to actually pronounce him dead at the scene. Also, he’s clearly in the new trailer for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, set to air on Netflix October 11th.

The trailer itself focuses on Jesse Pinkman, or what seems to be Jesse Pinkman, the dude is a mess! But he’s been through a hell of a rough time. Never take your own product kids!

The trailer doesn’t give much away in terms of the story line or who will actually star in the highly anticipated adaptation of the series. However, the very last scene seems to show Walter White, or at least his hand covered in his trademade beige jacket and baggy blue jeans, gun in holster and ready for action. He utters the words “Are you ready?...” and scene! Then Netflix reminds you when you can watch it.

This looks like Walter White, it sounds like Walter White, so it must be....Walter White.

Watch for yourself!

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