How to reinvent punk and not give a fuck with The SoapGirls… #OneWayStreet

So, you've decided to hate The SoapGirls...that's original.

Posted 29.03.2019 09:03 Updated 29.03.2019 10:13

The SoapGirls




We live in a saturated musical world of protool polished bands, fringe swept fancy boys and monotonous riff wizards where image is king and followers are cash. The music industry and society, in general, has completely forgotten how to live with integrity or credibility.

Being an “artist” has now become a lucrative industry for anyone with a golden smile that can upload a video to Instagram and attract more sheep. Music has never been more artificial than it is right now, and society has never been more dependant on the opinions and validation of others. From a creative perspective, it’s quite frankly repulsive.

Open any social media app, streaming service, or play any new song that mainstream media are telling you to like and you’re greeted with the same talentless grinning teeth of the next “big thing”. The music industry now has one goal, find the next viral artist, make some cash, move on. This is the same strategy many bands now follow. Desperately trying anything they can to find a formula for success, a magical gateway to a million followers, as if this will somehow launch them into a world of musical success.

Self-certified “artists” and inbred Instagram imps have completely forgotten the one fundamental trait you need to actually become successful. Integrity.

French-born sisters Millie and Mie have spent the last several years creating the controversial band, The SoapGirls. Starting their career in Cape Town as street artists, they have consistently delivered one thing throughout their music career, Integrity.

They grace stages all over the world with insane outfits, catchy tunes, and a “We don’t give a fuck” attitude to anyone that tries to stand in their way. This is the very ethos of punk, staying true to what you believe in and not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks of you.

Their new single, ‘One Way Street’ is yet again another incredible example of how to be the very embodiment of punk. It’s DIY in every way, but also creative, well produced, and homemade. Many artists try and replicate the glory days of grunge and RiotGrrrl, but that’s the problem, they’re trying to REPLICATE not ORIGINATE. The SoapGirls are following a path they believe in, a path they let naturally flow out of them. They don’t “try” to be punk, they don’t “try” to be grunge or RiotGrrrl, they just are.

Whether you like it or not, The SoapGirls will become one of the biggest, and most controversial bands of recent times. And the fact that you go out of your way to hate them, proves that.