25 years later and we’re still mourning the loss of one of the most unstable Rock stars that ever walked the Earth. From his near-death experience in Rome to his backstage fighting with Axl Rose of Guns N Roses, and his intense love affair with Hole frontwoman, Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain still resonates throughout the world of rock music to this very day.

This is sort of my book, my version of Nirvana and Kurt during those years, and I was definitely much closer to Kurt than to Dave.
- Danny Goldberg

You may remember him as the innovator of bleach and influencer of the Grunge movement, you may remember him as a junkie that played one of the biggest festivals in the world wearing a dress, whatever your memory of him, he will not be forgotten.

We were both really ambitious. In my mind, I was going to take Nirvana down.
- Courtney Love

Now, a new book about the life of Kurt is set to be released this year in April. The book is written by Nirvana’s manager Danny Goldberg.

Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain is set to be a slightly happier tale of Cobain's life. Goldberg, speaking to canberratimes.com.au:

“You're never going to not know that he killed himself. But I just hope to shine a light on some parts of him that were a bit under-exposed and that's what I hope the book does.”

There’s also a very interesting statement he makes about Courtney Love. Goldberg spoke to Love to help put the book together and Love said:

And then she paused, and she said, "You know, Kurt was just as ambitious. He just hid it a little better."

It was no secret that the pair had their feuds, and some even claim Love played a part in his death. Goldberg is looking to shine a light on the dimming star that is Kurt Cobain and paint him the more fashionable light of a musician, not a drugged up mess which many people still focus on to this day.

Serving The Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain is set to be released in April 2019 with pre-order available now.

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