Lee Malia scored a soundtrack to a horror movie ‘Pyewacket’ (Bring Me The Horizon)

Posted 29.03.2019 09:03 Updated 29.03.2019 10:13



Lee Malia

Following the incredible success of their first UK number one chart album, AMO, Bring Me The Horizon have been enjoying some seriously well deserved praise in global press publications for their continued innovation as one of the most diverse bands to ever come from the British MetalCore scene.

With this coverage also comes a plethora of new interviews from the band members. Lee Malia recently took part in an interview with musicradar.com to discuss the new Bring Me The Horizon album, the writing process, and the gear Lee uses on and off stage.

In the interview with musicradar.com, Lee Malia mentions that he has already scored a soundtrack to a horror film after being asked if it was something he would consider in the future.

Lee said: “I’ve already scored a film! It’s a horror film called Pyewacket. It’s about a witch, and that’s the old witch’s name. It’s by a Canadian producer. On our There Is A Hell... CD there is an instrumental track, which was really soft and atmospheric, and he used that on one of his films.

We got talking to him and he was like, ‘Well what do you think about doing my next film?’ So I did all this score for him. That’s a lot of atmospherics. There are no guitars or anything. It’s all just weird stuff. But I really enjoy it because I love watching horror films.”

Pyewacket was actually released back in 2017 but receive very little press coverage, and Lee Malia’s involvement was also largely unnoticed by the press.

What is Pyewacket about?

A frustrated, angst-ridden teenage girl awakens something in the woods when she naively performs an occult ritual to evoke a witch to kill her mother.

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Pyewacket seems to have only seen an official USA and Canada release. Pyewacket was released 23 March 2018 (USA) and 11 September 2017.

Although it did receive a release in other countries, it wasn’t a major release so many people, especially Bring Me The Horizon fans may not have seen the film, or even known that Lee Malia wrote the soundtrack.

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