Frontman Aaron Lewis from American rock band ‘Staind’ was due to take part in a solo performance in Oklahoma City when he took to the stage for a short time before losing his cool, abusing the audience and then storming off stage.

Listen, I’m fucking good, I don’t have to do this
- Aaron Lewis

Members of the Audience can be heard shouting at the singer causing him to stop playing and shout “Shut the f up” before more audience members hurled abuse at the singer for reasons unknown.

One audience member can be heard screaming “F you”. Obviously not happy with having insults hurled at him, the singer stopped playing and waited for the audience to be civilized. Another audience member can be heard shouting “Shut the F up and go home”.

Aaron responds to the audience saying “Listen, I’m fucking good, I don’t have to do this...listen, if you don’t shut the F up you can’t even hear the guitar so shut up...I’ve got 3 more fkn minutes ...can you please for once through the hole fkn evening you guys have talked all fkn night shut the fk up or I’m’s so fkn ironic that this song is a thank you and I can’t get you to shut the f up to hear it”

Shortly after he slams his guitar on the ground and throws a drink into the audience before walking off stage.

Aaron Lewis first rose to fame after forming alternative 90s rock band, Stained. Although they enjoyed relative success in terms of record sales, the band were constantly mocked and ridiculed. Their first record, Tormented (1996), did little for the band's career. It wasn't until their 3rd studio album, Break The Cycle, released in 2001 until Aaron Lewis started to see commercial prospects for his future as a professional musician.

Stained released a smash hit single from this record in March of 2001, It's Been Awhile. The single debuted at number one in the US rock charts, and number 4 in the US billboard charts.

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