Steven Tyler left the original lyrics to ‘Walk This Way’ in the back of cab on route to the studio

Holly White  Staff Writer
Posted 29.06.2018 09:03 Updated 04.01.2019 10:13

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SOULFUL singer Steven Tyler of American hard rock outfit Aerosmith recently sat down with MMA comedian Joe Rogan for a lengthy two and a half hour long talk about life, the band, Steven Tyler’s appearance on X-Factor, and also, what happened to the original lyrics of one of Aerosmith's biggest smash hit records, ‘Walk This Way’.

Tyler tells Joe that his management (at the time) was constantly pushing him to finish the record and come up with the lyrics for ‘Walk This Way’. Aerosmith at the time were working on their third studio album, ‘Toys In The Attic’, which was later released April 8 1975 on Columbia records.

Tyler tells about his constant frustration towards his management at the time who were putting pressure on him to finish the lyrics for the record “What do you mean did I write lyrics...what did you do last night….the guys would give me shit for not writing lyrics or finishing a song” - Tyler

Tyler goes on to say - I’m trying to get my wife pregnant...I have a life...what were YOU doing last night...that’s the kind of shit that happens.

“You have a lot of pressure on you, and because they did that I went and wrote ‘Walk This Way’...the lyrics...had them in my bag, finished the whole record, got in a fucking cab, went to the record plant, New York, got out of the cab went upstairs and went “I GOT IT”....and I fucking went white...I left the lyrics in the cab….the whole album...and my producer goes “were doing walk this way tonight” I went upstairs took a pencil, listened to the track [Walk This Way] like I did the night before when I wrote the lyrics...and wrote them on the wall and that’s what happend” - Tyler

Tyler doesn’t mention if the lyrics were the same or if there was any variation in what ended up on the final record, but one thing is for sure, someone, somewhere, could have the original lyrics to ‘Walk This Way’. Chances are, they were thrown out at the end of the day.

Tyler released a documentary about his life earlier this year, ‘Steven Tyler: Out On A Limb’.

Skip to 1 Hour 8 Minutes for the part about Walk This Way.