100s of scam facebook profiles revealed ‘SELLING’ Rammstein stadium tour tickets

Posted 05.07.2019 09:03
Updated 05.07.2019 10:13


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After Rammstein recently announced the second leg of their new stadium tour in support of their new untitled record, released back in May of this year, it’s no surprise that tickets are limited and will most likely sell out just as fast as the first leg of the tour.

Although these scammer profile appear to be set up to sell tickets for the current tour taking place, there’s a very good chance they may be used to sell tickets for the 2020 tour. Although scammers have probably already set up new fake profiles for this.

Tickets for the 2020 tour will go on sale today, July 5th 2019.

With the demand for tickets being high, this is a perfect opportunity for scammers to do what they do best, convince loyal fans to part with their money in return for absolutely nothing. With the rise of social media makes it incredibly easy for thieves to scam people in a wide new range of tactics, you need to be extra vigilant.

Luckily, one Rammstein fan page is keeping a very watchful eye on a huge list of scamming profiles trying to con people into buying fake tickets. Even worse, they won’t even give you fake tickets, they’ll just take your money and disappear.

Rammstein Belgium have compiled a huge list of fake profiles that you can check to see if the person you’re dealing with is potentially a risk.

Although there are most likely hundreds more fake profiles out there, this is a great start to see if you’re being scammed.

Rammstein Belgium Fake Profile List Part One
Rammstein Belgium Fake Profile List Part Two

If you’re not sure if the profile is real, look out for the following signs

Profile recently set up
Not many pictures of the person
No information about work or family
No mutual friends in common

Although some profiles will have been set up years ago for this very purpose and may have many pictures of what might appear to be the same person, ask yourself “Do they look like Rammstein fans?”. Do they live in the same city and country as the concert? Whilst it’s not uncommon for people to travel miles to a Rammstein concert, if they live in a different country altogether to the stadium, question if this is a legit sale!

Be safe and be careful! If in doubt, ask to see a picture of the ticket.

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