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Posted 08.07.2019 09:03
Updated 08.07.2019 10:13

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With the never ending catalogue of streaming services throwing more music at you than your brain can process, it’s becoming increasingly more and more difficult to find those magical tracks that give you goosebumps and make you want to bang your head.

In our new monthly recommendations, we’ll bring you 5 of the best new ROCK and METAL tracks hand picked by our Editors.

We also don’t believe that the latest music is also the best music, so expect to discover some new bands that already have a huge back catalogue for you to get stuck into, and some brand new talent along with it.

Here ares the top 5 RawMusicTV Recommends best ROCK and METAL tracks for July 2019 (Week 2)


“Loreley” is a female spirit and demigoddess in the Pangaeian civilization, which Thornstar tells us about in the song and video. She conveys the dead into the realm of the souls, equivalent to what we call Heaven today. She is the most direct link between Pangaeians and their maker. In the new video, "Loreley" is vividly illustrated by a graceful dancer. It leads the viewer directly in the deepest innards of the Pangaeian culture.
Latest album THORNSTAR out now

Bokassa - Vultures

In early 2018, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich played Bokassa on his radio show, ‘It's Electric’, calling them "insanely fucking cool" and his “favourite new band". Fast forward to 2019 and Bokassa are now on the road supporting the metal icons in stadiums across Europe.
New album CRIMSON RIDERS out now

Metallica are biggest grossing Metal Band of 2019 with $69 Million in ticket sales

5 best new ROCK and METAL tracks for July 2019 (Week 2)


In 2016 BETRAYING THE MARTYRS joined forces with esteemed producer Justin Hill to create third album The Resilient, a record that cemented the band as the European kings of 21st century metal. The Resilient showcased their newfound focus on songwriting, which earned them many more huge touring opportunities including a slot on Summer Slaughter (US), and further propelled them to become one of today’s most important heavy acts.

2019 will see the band embark on a global headline tour and further raise the bar with their highly anticipated fourth album Rapture.
Pre-order Rapture here

Deity's Muse - Sleep / Escape

DEITY’S MUSE are rapidly becoming the most talked about rock band from South Africa. Now three albums in, the band have played every South African rock music festival and shared stages in their homeland with Dead Letter Circus, Rise Against, Bring Me The Horizon, Blind Guardian, Unearth, Protest The Hero, 36 Crazyfists, Karnivool, Tesseract, Seether, Jinjer and more.

Toreador - Get a Grip

Following on from the viral success of their debut single ‘Ashes’ (racking up 10,000 views on their first ever video), the video was shot at The Ranch Production House, Southampton, where the trio’s debut EP Hot Glue—which is out now—was recorded by Neil Kennedy (Creeper, Milk Teeth, Boston Manor)

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