A Beginners Guide to Badflower and 10 facts about the band

A short beginners guide to Badflower

Posted 02.05.2019 09:03
Updated 02.05.2019 10:13

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After releasing their biggest hit to date, ‘Ghost’ back in 2018, Badflower have quickly gained a huge audience and look set to enjoy a very lucrative career. You may have seen the video for Ghost, or heard the single on the radio. The video details a traumatic tale of suicide and despair with Badflowers lead singer, Josh Katz taking on the lead role.

Badflower formed in 2013, in Los Angeles, when after years of writing songs together, Josh Katz and guitarist Joey Morrow decided to form the band. They released their debut single, ‘Soap’ in 2015 via Hundred Handed records and had the video debuted via Loudwire the same day.

Badflowers toured Europe during 2015-2016 and then decided to start recording their debut album. Some time before, badflower entered talks with John Varvatos /Big Machine Label Group, and On March 10 they signed to his label.

In an interview with Loudwire, Katz outlined the story behind Ghost.

"We actually didn't choose it as the single, the label did. I was terrified for that song to come out as the first single, just because the content is so heavy. It could've gone so many different ways. Even though for me I was writing from a place of truth, When it was written I had just gotten off tour, and I spent the entire tour having panic attacks on stage every night. It was just something that came out of nowhere for reasons that only my therapist can tell you. When that happened, I got home and it was a traumatic experience having to deal with that every single night and I was in a really low place. I was depressed and thinking about self-harm. So I just wrote it. I played out the whole scenario and put it into a song because that's what writers do, I suppose. I didn't even know if it was gonna go on the album. I was sorta hesitant to even show it to the rest of my band, But everyone heard it and loved it, and said it might actually be a positive thing to put out in the world. So we did, and it turned out that I was wrong in my skepticism because it was a positive thing."

Badflower released their debut album, ‘OK, I’m Sick’, on 22 Feb 2019.

10 facts about the band Badflower

1 Josh Katz and guitarist Joey Morrow had been writing songs together since the of age 18 and they both dropped out of music school to form Badflower
2 Badflower recorded their first EP, Temper, on Josh’s MacBook and he still has the original copy on it
3 Josh Katz doesn’t like metaphorical lyrics
4 It was the band's record label that decided to release ‘Ghost’ as the first single, not the band
5 Josh wrote Ghost because he had panic attacks every night before going on stage and was suffering from depression
6 Josh Katz and guitarist Joey Morrow only crossed paths because they were living in the same apartment building at the time
7 One of their first tours was with Australian pop duo, The Veronicas, in Europe in 2015
8 Ghost has been streamed on Spotify alone over 15 million times
9 Josh and Joey are huge Beatles fans
10 A few days after the release of their single, ‘Move Me’, their van was broken into and they had all their gear stolen