It sounds like the opening sequence to a science fiction film or Back To Future 4 where Pearl Jam needs to get back to the year 2062 to stop the rise of mumble rap with their now ancient form of Seattle grunge.

In 2017, a time capsule that was buried in 1982 near the Seattle Space Needle was opened after being rediscovered during renovations. It contained Menus, tickets to the observation deck, art from 1962 World’s Fair, and letters from employees.

Now, a new time capsule is being filled with a range of items to send into the future.

Whilst most of the items will be kept a secret, as to not spoil the surprise for residents living in 2062, Seattle Space Needle has revealed some of the items that will be included in the new time capsule.

A United States Postal Service Forever Stamps, A Super Bowl prediction from Seattle Seahawks legend and NFL Hall of Famer Walter Jones, One share of stock, a Twinkie and a secret message from Seattle Grunge outfit, Pearl Jam will be part of the contents.

Pearl Jam have written personal messages to be included with a host of other items that will be re-discovered in 43 years.

The messages will be kept secret until the time capsule is reopened, so only the band themselves know what the world can expect to read in the future.

It will be very interesting to see if anyone even remembers Pearl Jam in the year 2062. The capsule will be opened on the 100th anniversary of the Seattle Space Needle, on 21st April 2062.

The Space Needle will continue collecting items through Friday, September 13, 2019, before the time capsule is officially sealed during a special ceremony on Monday, October 21, 2019.

Read their full press release here.

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