Alissa White-Gluz has recently expressed her desire to help combat global human trafficking and also what she intends to do to fight it.

She has been an avid animal rights activist for many years, even teaming up with PETA to use her voice as an outlet for veganism in an advert against animal abuse.

After the huge success of Arch Enemy’s last album, ‘Will To Power’ she has certainly got the attention of a growing audience that she can utilize to spread some good throughout the world.

Alissa recently wrote an article for UK music magazine Kerrang, where she highlighted the importance of celebrating International Women’s Day. She recalls how her Grandmother used to describe the horrors of concentration camps and her and her sisters made an escape from the atrocities.

Growing up I heard stories from my grandmother of her escape from concentration camps with her sisters, only to return on horseback to destroy the railroad tracks being used to deport others to their deaths.
- Alissa

She also expressed her gratitude for being in a position of opportunity:

“I can’t help but be curious about how my life in 2019 could not possibly have taken the same path a few decades ago. Now, given the amazing opportunity to travel the world as I do, I’ve also become aware of how different a woman’s life can be not only across time, but across the world. It’s fascinating and humbling.”

She then makes her concerns for human trafficking heard:

“Human trafficking is a global issue and I feel it deserves global attention” In the past decade, West Bengal has seen over half a million of reported cases of women and young girls being trafficked. Alissa is now teaming up with an organisation called, “Secret Projects” that gives women the opportunity to report to work every day to empower them to take control of their lives. The end goal is to teach vulnerable women the skills they need to succeed in life and support themselves.

Read the full article here.

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