2019 has been an incredible year for Rock and Metal music. Not only have we seen albums from some of the biggest bands in the world, and of 2019, we’ve seen dozens of great albums being released from the best rock bands from across the UK, Europe, and America.

Rock and Roll is truly alive and well, and we seem to be experiencing a rise in Hard Rock bands at the same time. From Steel Panther, to Alter Bridge, to The Dead Daisies, and even Phil Campbell of Motörhead releasing a new Hard Rock project, there’s no shortage of artists to whip out your air guitar too. Or a Gibson!

We’ve kept track of some of the top Hard Rock bands rising to fame in 2019 and we’re here to bring you the Best Rock Bands of 2019! There’s some big names, and some underground names for you to check out. We’ve included a few mellow Hard Rock tracks as well!

Here are the best Hard Rock bands of 2019! (In no particular order)

Mustasch - Where Angels Fear To Tread

Mustasch are one of Sweden’s most beloved Hard Rock outfits. Since their debut EP ,The True Sound of the New West, released back in 2001, the band has gone on to release several albums, stormed their way through dozens of festivals, and even landed a few number one chart positions in Sweden. Their latest album, Silent Killer, is an outstanding Hard Rock record.

Alter Bridge - Wouldn't You Rather

Alter Bridge formed back in 2004. You may be familiar with the lead singer, Myles Kennedy, from his work with the mighty Slash of Guns N Roses and their band, Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, who have just released their 3rd studio album together.

Alter Bridge will release their new studio album, Walk the Sky, in 2019 and looks set to be their heaviest to date.

The Dead Daisies - Fortunate Son

John Corabi, former frontman of Motley Crue, for one album at least, and his supergroup, The Dead Daisies, have only been on the scene for a few years. Forming in 2013, the band has built up an impressive following with 4 equally impressive records to their name.

Also featuring David Lowy, Marco Mendoza, Doug Aldrich & Deen Castronovo, The Dead Daisies are quickly becoming one of the most exciting Hard Rock bands of modern times.

Confess - My Vicious Way

One of Sweden’s finest Hard Rock bands, Confess! Although very heavily influenced by 80s Hair Metal, Confess are one of the most under-rated bands out there. They consistently deliver well produced, well written and perfectly executed records with an original flair.


A man that should need no introduction. Slash released his first solo record back in 2010 and it featured a host of rock icons which included Iggy Pop, Lemmy, Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, and even Kid Rock to name a few.

He has since gone on to form a more solid line-up with his new outfit, The Conspirators Featuring Myles Kennedy. They have a seriously great back catalogue to check out!

The 69 Eyes - Black Orchid

Generally considered more Goth than Hard Rock, Finland's Helsinkin Vampires, The 69 Eyes, present some incredibly unique Hard Rock anthems. Formed back in the summer of 89, The 69 Eyes have not only received critical acclaim from press over the years, they’ve built up a huge cult following, as well as being endorsed by some of the biggest names in the Rock and Metal community.

As well as celebrating their 30th anniversary, the band are set to release their 12th studio record on September 13th, West End, via Nuclear Blast Records.

ENFORCER - Die For The Devil

Another Scadinavian offering for you. Enforcer are predominantly a Metal band with Thrash roots, however, they have an extremely diverse back catalogue which many Hard Rock fans go crazy for.

They’re a festival favourite and recently released two versions of their new album, Zenith. An English version, and a Spanish version!


Some know them as the kings of Sleaze Rock. Crashdiet have certainly not had an easy ride but have still managed to enjoy an incredible roller-coaster career. Since their debut record, Rest In Sleaze, took the underground metal scene by storm in 2005, Crashdiet enjoy some of the most dedicated fans on the planet. Set to release their 5th studio album, RUST, in 2019 with their new singer Gabriel Keyes, we can expect more great anthems from Sweden's Kings of Sleaze.


Formed in the late 80s, Backyard Babies are one of Scandinavia's most beloved Rock N Roll bands. With huge hits such as ‘Nomadic’, ‘Minus Celsius’ and more recently, ‘44 Undead’, Backyard Babies are one of the biggest names in the Hard Rock scene, especially across Europe where they continually sell out tours packed out by die hard fans.

Their latest release, Sliver & Gold, is another example of outstanding, original rock!

Michael Monroe - One Man Gang

The original Glam Rocker, enigmatic frontman of Hanoi Rocks, and scissor kicking showman Michael Monroe is still as popular as ever. After Hanoi Rocks officially ended back in 2009, Monroe held a press conference in LA announcing his new solo project. Since then, he’s gone on to release 3 solo records, with his 4th due for release this year, 2019.

One of the true rock and roll icons showing everyone how it’s done!

PHIL CAMPBELL - These Old Boots

After two very successful releases with PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS and countless live shows with rock giants like GUNS N' ROSES among others, legendary long-time MOTÖRHEAD guitarist Phil Campbell has finalized work on his first-ever solo record, 'Old Lions Still Roar', which is scheduled for release on October 25 via Nuclear Blast.

Today the iconic guitarist releases the first single off the record featuring Dee Snider, Mick Mars and Chris Fehn

The Darkness - Rock and Roll Deserves to Die

From chiming, acoustic beginnings, ‘Rock And Roll Deserves To Die’ explodes into an epic five-minute masterpiece. It features some of Justin Hawkins’ finest lyrics to date alongside monumental riffs, thunderous bass and almighty drums, while also featuring some beautifully delicate touches from the band.

Justin explains, “At the end of days, humankind must consider the essential truths of existence. The Darkness, your vanguard in life’s journey, have stared into the abyss. The observations we bring from the edge are set out in a new record album, titled ‘Easter is Cancelled’.

Rival Sons - Too Bad

Although formed way back in 2009, it's only recently that Rival Sons have really started to make some impressive waves across the pond. Hailing from Long Beach, California, Rival Sons have spent the last few years making a huge name for themselves throughout Europe and have built up a very dedicated following.

“I’m working to reconcile my dirt-road DNA with our growing dependency on technology and the over-communication that comes with that.” says Vocalist Buchanan.

Crazy Lixx - Silent Thunder

Founded in late 2002, Crazy Lixx is yet another Hard Rock band powering their way through Sweden’s incredible rock scene. With 6 albums under their studded belts, a cult following of Glam Rockers to chant them on at festivals, Crazy Lixx are one of the most exciting bands on this list. Their latest release, Forever Wild, will for sure have you reaching for the hairspray.

Hardcore Superstar - Electric Rider

“We play street metal” offers drummer Magnus "Adde" Andreasson. “Thrash and sleaze both come from the gutter. They wear big sneakers, they are a bit stupid and they both read pulp fiction. I can't believe that nobody brought them together before.”

Need we say more!

The Wild - Playing With Fire

Driven by long, hard nights, the love of playing music, rural roots, and a no-bullshit mentality, THE WILD! play the soundtrack for freedom seeking renegades & real deal rock’n’rollers alike.

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown - Ride

The group's first full-length album, Wild Child, featured all-analog recording with engineer Vance Powell (Jack White, Beck, Seasick Steve).

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown has landed touring spots with the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and ZZ Top, and even opened for Guns N Roses on their recent ‘Not In This Lifetime Tour’.

DYNAMITE - Love On The Line

Formed in Sweden in 2012, DYNAMITE are a relatively new band but are quickly building up a decent following. With some killer songs already in their back catalogue, their latest single, Love On The Line, is a great taste of things to come from these Scandinavian hopefuls.

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