As more and more stars join the campaign to fight climate change, many people still deny it as even being a problem in the first place. Although climate change campaigns have been actively running since the late 90s, when the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) started discussing the topic, the issue hasn’t received much commercial press until very recently. One of the largest ever climate change protests didn’t take place until 2014, in New York, which at the time was praised as the biggest single event ever mobilized against climate change during a people’s march consisting of over 400K activists.

Our Earth is warming up and our oceans are rising and extreme weather is wrecking millions of lives
- Billie Eilish

The goal of this mass gathering was to raise public awareness of the need to transition from carbon emitting fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, something Elon Musk has been championing with his Electric Car company, Tesla. Whilst billionaire modern day Iron Man Musk shows full support for this transition, there are certain world leaders such as President of the United States, Donald Trump who outright denies climate change is even happening. In 2018, Trump even dismissed a report on climate change that had been produced with the help of over 300 leading climate scientists by simply citing “I don’t believe it”.

It’s important to have younger voices involved in this fight such as the passionate Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg, who recently gave a dramatic speech at the U.N.'s Climate Action Summit in New York City. Now, rising star and American singer/songwriter Billie Eilish is the latest next generation activist to join this fight.

Billie Eilish appeared on Saturday Night Live to perform her debut performance on the long running NBC network sketch show. Over the course of its 4 decade long airing, SNL has seen the likes of Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Mike Myers, Chris Rock, and legendary comic Steve Martin take to it’s set.

Eillish was introduced on the show by actor, Woody Harrelson where they also recorded a promotional video to highlight their concerns over climate change. Harrelson was widely known for his role in NBC sitcom, CHEERS, which ran for 275 episodes from 1982 up until 1993. “From California to the Amazon, our forests are burning” explains Harrelson. “We are in a climate emergency”.

Eillish states her message loud and clear during the video. “We cannot let this happen on our watch. Up to 1 Million species are becoming extinct because of mankind's actions and time is running out.”

Eilish, who recently enjoyed seeing her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? land a number one chart position in the US Billboard Chart after being released on March 29, 2019, has also been a dedicated Vegan since 2014. One of the biggest catalysts for the drastic move in climate change has been put down to the consumption of animal products such as meat and dairy, as well as burning fossil fuels. This was according to the findings of a UN Climate Change report in 2014. Woody Harrelson has also been an active vegan since at least 2010. Harrelson claims he first decided to go vegan for his own personal benefit. “So when I first started shifting my diet, it wasn’t as much a moral or an ethical pursuit but an energetic pursuit” (In an interview with

Major news outlets have now even begun to report on the huge positive impacts the public can have on climate change by simply adopting a vegan lifestyle, with the BBC publishing articles such as Plant-based diet can fight climate change. This article is also pact full of useful data and information regarding climate change issues which you may want to read if you’re not too hot on climate change.

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