Bloodstock Festival to ban all single-use plastics and set Eco-friendly benchmark

Bloodstock Festival Director, Adam Gregory, speaks out about festival waste and how it needs to be stopped

Posted 24.04.2019 09:03 Updated 08.05.2019 10:13

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As global activism and mainstream media turn their attention to the increasingly worrying climate change epidemic, independent business and international corporations are starting to discover what role they can play in reversing some of the devastating effects of global warming, carbon emissions and melting ice caps.

Carbon dioxide levels alone are the highest they have been for over 500,000 thousand years. Research carried out by NASA shows that these levels have never exceeded 300 parts per million, however, since the 1950s, these levels have now exceeded 400 Parts per million and are still rising.

One of the biggest issues our ecosystems are facing is the enormous impact of single-use plastics that have been in circulation for decades. The issue with this circulation is that is has no end. Once a single-use plastic has been created and put out into the world, it cannot be recycled and ends up in a landfill, wildlife, or the ocean.

Right now, the world’s oceans have an estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating on the surface, making up 46% of all ocean plastic with 300 millions tonnes of plastic now being made annually.

Festivals are notorious for creating vast amounts of waste in a very short space of time. One festival is looking to put a stop to this by not only banning single-use plastics but by implementing several campaigns to tackle every aspect of festival pollution.

Adam Gregory, Festival Director of Bloodstock Festival, is currently in talks with several companies, including Coca Cola, to tackle the issue of festival waste and become an eco-friendly trendsetter for festivals all over the globe.

23,500 Tonnes of waste is produced just at UK festivals with 68% going to landfill. We are now working hard to eradicate single-use plastics from the site and are focussing on becoming a UK template for the rest of the festival industry to follow
- Adam Gregory

This year, Bloodstock festival will play host to legendary metal bands such as Anthrax, Soulfly, MetalChurch, Soilwork, Cancer Bats, Dimmu Borgir and more!

We spoke to Adam to find out what short and long term plans are being put in place at Bloodstock Festival to tackle these issues.

“Bloodstock wants to do our bit to help with the environment, having seen so many reports and pictures from events around the world concerning the amount of rubbish and plastics which inevitably end up in landfill...we are determined to make a difference.

We have engaged with Coke Cola for 2019 to recycle any plastic bottles collected across the site within 6 weeks of the festival and these will be 100% recycled. Plastics collection points will be set up throughout the arena and campsites.

Our food concessions have committed to only use biodegradable eating containers and wooden forks across the whole site and our bars are removing the use of plastic cups across all of the bars. We will be supplying customers with an affordable reusable cup for their drinks which will be exchanged and cleaned across the whole weekend and customers will be able to take these home as a festival souvenir.”

Adam goes on to speak about Bloodstock Festivals long term goals:

“Long term goals are to tackle areas such as the campsites, music fans across most festivals are guilty of leaving the campsites in a terrible mess, this is something we want to try and change, looking at all camping options including tent recycling, waste bonds, clean campsites and tackling the “not my problem” mentality a lot of music fans globally tend to have.

We are leaving a legacy to our children and our children’s children, at the current rate of disregard, this is not something we should be proud of as a generation.”

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