Bring Me The Horizon have yet to see a day of rest since they formed back in 2004. Ever since their screamo metalcore days, metal fans have mocked the band constantly for a variety of reasons over the years.

BMTH are one of the most innovative metal bands out there, and they ARE a metal band. Their sound has evolved more than any other artist you can name in the genre. They continually push boundaries and push to define their own unique sound, and they have achieved just that with AMO.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the lads from Sheffield do, there’s always a horde of keyboard warriors ready to take them down. Well, guess what, they don’t give a shit.

Oli Sykes especially has always been very vocal about why they write the music they write. They don’t write music to please their fans, they write music because it’s what they love to do and it’s all they’ve ever done.

Now, in a recent interview with, Jordan Fish and Matt Kean have opened up about their thoughts on the latest album AMO, and what the future holds for new BMTH material.

we don’t really feel like we have to answer to anyone either at the moment. We’ve taken a lot of flak for this album from metal fans, and we always have anyway, so at the moment we’re really not worried about anything other than doing shit that we want to do
- Jordan

“I think at the moment we’re in a good position where we can look at the whole band’s history and have more of an appreciation for everything the band has done” - Jordan says

One thing the band have now made clear is the fact they are doing things on their own terms and they really have no interest in what others think of them.

Kean also goes onto say: “When we wrote the first few albums when we were young we just wanted to be noisy, it’s like the evolution of a person really, you come out as a teenager and you’re just discovering yourself and you want to shout about everything you know and then as you get older you mellow down a little bit and get influenced by different things and then you become a whole person, and I think now we’ve become a whole band.”

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