After the tracklisting for WANYK was released to fans, conspiracy theories started to flood the internet as to why Slipknot 2018 halloween release, All Out Life, was going to be left off the new record. Many assumed it was due to legal issues with former band member Chris Fehn. However, Clown has spoken to Spotify on a new episode of Metal Talks to clarify exactly why they left this song off the record.

here’s the deal, we can put all out life on the album and not put another song on the album
- Clown

“We have a lot of songs written for this album and half of them didn’t even make it so the way the real simple formula for this is this...I try to picture myself as a fan in the world that we live in today where everyone is all over me about streaming and one point I was told we might not even have a physical product”

“Now we would never entertain that, I’d put my own money up to make sure stuff got started. I don’t wanna be in this business unless I can hold something ya know. When it came time to start picking things I asked myself, ‘If I were a fan, in a world of streaming and Slipknot has been gone forever and come back with an album, with over 20 songs written would the fans rather have another song take its place on and album or should I keep All Out Life on it?”

“I believe we’ve made a masterpiece, I believe this album is an absolute masterpiece, not that any of the other one weren’t because they really are but this one…this one’s a masterpiece.”

“You have to take in to account tracklisting, how many...then there’s some business but that doesn’t really play too much in it but I would be mad if people around me in charge of bringing me the business, if they didn’t explain it to me I’d be upset later.”

“So, ya know, the label...there’s all this business that I don’t think people even realise so when it came down to it, it was like, here’s the deal, we can put all out life on the album and not put another song on the album and the way we look at it was our whole plan was to shock the world and give the world, our fans, something to hold on to until ya know...we did it, we did All Out Life, we all got together, we worked hard, we finished it we got this big plan, we made a video and it worked, and I love the idea that it [All Out Life] is its own thing and I don’t feel like bringing it back over and putting it on the album because it would take the place of another song.”

“It [All Out Life] will end up on an international release”

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