Daron Malakian will use SOAD material he’s held onto for new Scars On Broadway album

No new SOAD album anytime soon, yeah, what a shock.

Posted 01.05.2019 09:03
Updated 01.05.2019 10:13

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We’ve been waiting over 13 years for a new System Of A Down album and there’s still no sign of one. There have been rumors and hearsay, more so recently, about the possibility of a new album actually being put together.

However, the rumors aren’t good and now we have a brand new interview from guitarist and main songwriter for System of a down Daron Malakian. A couple of days ago he did an extensive interview with Consequence Of Sound and I’ll drop a link below if you want to go and read it in full, but it's long so I’ll give you the overall vibe of what he said regarding new System Of A Down music.

The good news is, he hasn’t stopped writing music for System Of A Down, he told consequence of sound

I kind of waited to see what was happening with System of a Down, to see if we were going to do an album, we may need some of these songs. So, I just kind of held onto them
- Malakian

So he’s obviously been writing songs originally intended for System of a down since their studio hiatus, however, he’s obviously gotten tired of waiting for the rest of the band to join him in the studio, hence why he started to use these songs for his side project, Scars on Broadway. Although Scars on Broadway is a great band, it’s a shame that these songs didn’t have the full system of a down treatment.

Shavo and Malakian have cited creative differences as the main reason that System are yet to enter the studio to make another new record. Although Shavo says it’s just a matter of time before system record a new album, Malakian is focused on Scars On Broadway and said a new Scars album is on its way very soon. The bad news for System fans is that Malakian plans to use the songs he’s written for System that he’s held onto for the new Scars On Broadway album.

Read the full interview here