Update: 14.11.2019

The latest information on this case is Courtney Love, Frances Bean Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic aattended a settlement conference on October 16, however, no settlement could be made.

It’s no secret that Dave Grohl and Courtney Love have had their fair share of feuds over the years when they were rising to the top of the Grunge scene in the 90s, however, this time, they are joining forces to take down a globally recognized fashion designer over the iconic Nirvana smiley face logo.

In 2018, fashion designer Marc Jacobs released a new collection of t-shirts called ‘Redux Grunge Collection’ which features a t-shirt called the ‘Bootleg Grunge Tee’. Having the word ‘Bootleg’ in the title probably wasn’t a great idea, to begin with.

At some point in the late 00s, we started to see an influx of iconic bands such as Guns N Roses, Misfits, Ramones, and even Motorhead appeared in high street fashion stores around the world. All fully licensed merchandise and 100 percent legal. However, most people had no idea who these artists were, many people even assumed they were actual fashion brands. Which was fun to watch.

The Bootleg Grunge Tee, however, claims to be the original work of Marc Jacobs and apparently has absolutely no connection to the original Nirvana Smiley face design.

Jacobs said: “The collection was considered groundbreaking in the fashion world because it brought together high fashion and streetwear on the runway in a way that had never been done before. The debut of the SS93 Grunge Collection is now considered to be one of the most influential runway fashion shows of the 1990s.”

Now, Courtney Love, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic who own Nirvana L.L.C. - A company set up by the trio to keep the legacy of Nirvana alive - may need to appear in court to argue their case and claim $1 Million Dollars in damages from the fashion designer.

Courtney Love, however, filed a lawsuit back in 2001 to try and take full control of the company. Grohl and Novoselic made a joint statement regarding the lawsuit. “Courtney claims that her lawsuit is concerned with the proper management and revitalization of Kurt's legacy. In truth, her actions are only about the revitalization of her career motivated solely by her blind self-interest. She couldn't care less about Nirvana fans. She is using Nirvana's music as a bargaining chip to increase leverage for her personal gain, without any regard for the Nirvana legacy. Our music is just a pawn in her endless legal battles and her obsessive need for publicity and attention.”

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Marc Jacobs is planning on calling all four of them as witnesses in the case. Love and the surviving members of Nirvana had battled for years following Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994. They even had dueling lawsuits over Nirvana money for some time.

It looks like they may now have to work together to take down Marc Jacobs. Although details of when this is set to take place have not been revealed, the case is likely to last for quite some time.

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