South Africa has produced its fair share of history, from the world-renowned Nelson Mandela, whose fight for equality resonated around the world, to the more recent 2010 FIFA World Cup, which introduced us to the wonderful invention that is the Vuvuzela.

It’d be wrong, however, to ignore the musical history of this country and perhaps, more importantly, the musical future.

Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa and looking like the main cast in a post-apocalyptic-survival-horror-series, one would be forgiven for thinking that Deity’s Muse may fall into an extremely heavy category of rock, full of ear-piercing screams and drums being pounded six hundred times a minute. Thankfully, for those who prefer their music with a little milk rather than full-blown dark, that’s not the case with Deity’s Muse as evidenced in their new track “Sleep/Escape,” from their three-track EP Lungs Full.

The single itself is an epic audial journey reciting the tale of a man whose only escape from the horror of the external world is through sleep.

Delightfully, the track is one of those rare pieces of music that is simultaneously motivating and relaxing, enabling the listener to absorb the melody and story in a plethora of situations, whether they are training intensively for a marathon or simply relaxing in the bath, it’s a beautiful song that always seems to enhance the environment.

The visuals of the video accompanying the single are worth mentioning too, featuring the band hammering out their new track in a wonderfully haunting, dry Savannah plain synonymous with Africa as a continent. The light is eerie, reflecting off both the symbols and frets of the guitar, illuminating the themes of loneliness and seclusion from the outside world which are repeated throughout the song.

Opening with the lyrics “Well, I just want to sleep try and escape from this feeling, but it doesn’t go away,” the listener is instantly drawn into the story. Who amongst us can say that we’ve never wanted to escape from an overwhelming burden in our lives or the pressure consistently pushed onto us by mainstream society? From the word go, or in this case, “well,” it’s as though the attitudes towards life that we all carry inside are reflected by the band and their vocalist.

That is where the band’s true talent lies. Although each and every member is a talented and well-rehearsed musician, vocalist Wayne Boucher is an expert storyteller who could rival the likes of J.K Rowling or Stephen King with his imaginative and epic yet precise description of life in the 21st-century digital world.

Speaking to Claire Martens of, Boucher explains, “We have the hearts of explorers, like so many humans who came before us.” This should come as music to the ears of Deity’s Muse fans as it would appear there are a lot more tours to come in the future. This explorer attitude is also something that seems to crop up in their attitude towards music, they are on a journey to unlock their potential piece by piece, telling masterpieces along the way.

Boucher also goes on to say, “we were just going through the motions until 2010. Soon after that, the penny dropped.” And it would appear that the penny has dropped that much further with the new single masterfully whipped into that strange fulfilling mix of relaxing yet intense.

Commenting on the single, Boucher said: "This track is very dream-like in its sonic delivery with its spacey, open beginning but it explodes with some big, chugging riffs followed by one of our most melodic choruses. The lyrics speak of a protagonist who is grappling with a tough situation until an epiphany arrives to him one night in the form of a dream. The emotions are very high on this one and I feel like Sleep / Escape is musically loaded with dynamics."

Finally, it’s worth noting that Deity’s Muse feel a great deal of gratitude towards the band Dead Letter Circus who told them early on that they “weren’t the tightest band around.” Boucher, in particular, feels that they influenced him strongly stating, “you learn so much when you shut your mouth, stop all the talking and start listening.”

Maybe that’s what we all ought to do, take a page of Boucher’s book and start listening. Starting with a deep breath in, to get our Lungs Full of Deity’s Muse’s brand-new EP, featuring the master storyteller himself.

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