A few years ago there was a bit of a fuss surrounding White Stripes and The Raconteurs frontman, Jack White when he asked for Guacamole to be delivered to his dressing room at a concert, but not just any Guacamole. He wanted his very own personal recipe specific Guacamole to be made and placed in his dressing room.

Many claimed it was White being a diva, however, it was later revealed that it was an inside joke started by his tour manager to essentially stave off boredom whilst on the road. White actually had nothing to do with it.

There have been many stories over the years about outlandish and strange requests noted on artists riders from Marilyn Manson reportedly asking for a “bald-headed, toothless hooker” to Iggy Pop requesting a Bob Hope impersonator and “a copy of USA Today that’s got a story about morbidly obese people in it”. Many claims are a myth, however, many are 100 percent real.

Australia’s themusic has reportedly managed to get its hands on the artist rider for the 30th Anniversary festival of Byron Bay Blues Fest that takes place on 18 April 2019. The line up features Iggy Pop, Snarky Puppy, Imelda May and Irish-American seven-piece Celtic punk band from California, Flogging Molly.

The Irish are known for many things, drinking and Guinness is certainly two of those things. So would it really be a surprise to discover Flogging Molly have asked for Guinness on their rider? Not in the slightest, however, 288 cans is super specific. Why not 300, or 280. Why the extra 8.

There are currently 7 touring members of Flogging Molly, so that calculates to 41 cans per band member as artists generally only stay at a festival on the day they play due to tight touring schedules. They will no doubt have other crew with them to help polish off the black Irish gold.

Iggy Pop has apparently also requested ‘Two x 20kg dumbbells for each member of the band in the dressing room’.

Check out more details for the Byron Bay Bluesfest here

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