2 weeks ago, former Gallows and Pure Love frontman Frank Carter, released his 3rd record with his latest musical incarnation, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes and it was the biggest selling Indie record of the week of it’s release, May 3rd 2019.

Biggest selling album in indie record shops last week - #1 rock and metal album - #1 INDEPENDENT ALBUM - #1 vinyl album... 💙 THIS IS HUGE!
- Frank Carter (Via Twitter)

Frank Carter has always been very open throughout the years about his struggles with mental health. Looking back at some of his lyrics from the debut album, Blossom, in 2015, he addresses some of these issues in songs like ‘Devil Inside Me’ and ‘Loss’.

“There's a devil inside of me, And he's holding on, And I don't know if he's staying, Or for how long, Pulling my heartstrings, And kicking in my mind”

“I lost myself, I lost my mind,I lost my patience,And I don't know why,My dignity, integrity,My way of acting sensibly, I lost my silence and my sleep”

With years of mental torment, it seems as if he has come to a natural point in his life where he finally sees some sort of light at the end of the never ending tunnel, with his latest album, aptly titled, ‘End Of Suffering’.

In a recent interview with Duke TV he said:

“It’s been two years of absolute transition for me, quite a painful experience. I let a lot of stuff go. Everytime you let something go you gain a lot as well. And I think that’s the key with the album...ultimately it’s a hopeful record.”

He continues: ”We wanted to handle it [the new record] so that people could see there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter what’s happening in your life right now, no matter how dark things feel how low you feel there’s always tomorrow and tomorrow is whatever you want it to be”

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