After recently supporting the mighty Foo Fighters, storming European Festival’s over the summer, announcing some Australian tour dates, and the massive success of his 3rd solo record with his band, The Rattlesnakes, ‘End Of Suffering’, Frank Carter is without a doubt experiencing an absolute high point of his career, and he deserves it.

It’s been quite a difficult process, learning how to sort of re-engage with the world.
- Frank Carter

Frank has been very open and honest over the years about his struggles with mental health, from his angst days with Gallows, through to Pure Love, and now with his Rattlesnakes, he seems to be constantly developing, not only his creative sound, but also his compassion for himself, and the world around him.

Frank Carter recently caught up with Ken Grand-Pierre in New York, just before a sold out show at, for his podcast, The 405 Exchange to talk about Carter’s creativity and ambition, along with many other topics.

They first delve into the ever controversial hot topic of how damaging social media can be.

“It’s difficult, now I’m in a much better place” says Frank “because I’m actually being quite mindful about the kind of thing that I the past I was just letting everything out there and that had quite a profound negative impact on my life in many different ways”

“When I put stuff online now I’m trying to be a bit more open with my words about it as well as just speak a bit more eloquently. I think social media is quite a throwaway for a lot of people, it’s very instant gratification and it happens so quickly that I think sometimes you’re not even aware of what your posting or even what we’re seeing...I wanted to just put things up that resonated with me and hopefully would resonate with other people”

Frank also talks about his openness in speaking to a therapist about how to embrace how others see him to get an idea on how much he was actually sharing with the world.

He continues with the effects of social media, how it can be an amazing tool for business, but also a hindrance.

“I wanna say I don’t need it [social media] but as a business tool it’s perfect...for tattooing, painting, music it’s ideal and unfortunately in the wider spectrum of music, particularly the industry, life is data so all of those numbers matter”

Listen to the full 30 minute podcast here

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