Jerry Cantrell - ‘I had a dream that I wanted to gotta take that chance’

Tim Johansson  STAFF WRITER
Posted 22.05.2019 09:03
Updated 22.05.2019 10:13

Jerry Cantrell

Ernie Ball

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Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell talks about how he was inspired to pick up the guitar, being a huge fan of Ace Frehley from Kiss and that he connected to music at a very early age and new what he wanted to do with his life.

After his father bought him a cheap guitar when he was just a kid, he dedicated every waking minute of his early years to learning how to play. In a new episode of Ernie Ball String Theory, Jerry Cantrell runs through some classic Alice In Chains Riffs, and talks music.

“It’s interesting being a musician and it’s what I always wanted to be. My mothers side of the family was pretty artistic in a lot of different ways but mostly everybody played some sort of an instrument. There was always music in the house and I was really taken by music at an early age. It made me curious about the aspect of ‘could I do that’”

“I went to live with my father who was station in Pennsylvania, you know how kids have the Christmas wish list on the door so you can tell your parents what you want for Christmas and I only had one thing on there...a les paul on their because I was a big Kiss fan and I always loved Ace Frehley. I think I probably wrote over the top of it ‘This is all I want’ [laughs].”