You may remember back in 2016, Mick Mars of Motley Crue released two teasers from songs called, Gimme Blood, and Shake the Cage featuring John Corabi. Corabi, formerly the frontman of Motley Crue has yet again mentioned in a new interview that Mick Mars is releasing a new record, and that he sang on two of these tracks, but is still none the wiser as to when the record is going to be released, or what type of record Mick Mars intends to record.

Mick Mars recently spoke to Talking Metal Podcast back in March saying "I've been working on this for years, trying to get it right. In my way of thinking, I didn't want to put out a record just to put out a record. It has to be right, for me...People wanna hear my music, it needs to be right. I'm not just cutting corners to, like I said, put out a record to put out a record. I just can't do it. So it's taking me a while."

I did a couple of songs for Mick but I think Mick is still trying to figure out what direction he wants to go in
- John Corabi

Although Corabi seems to be under the impression the two songs he recorded will hit a streaming platform soon, Mars seems to have other ideas. “Those kind of went away. I'm looking for a singer that's gonna be with me in the recording studio, and if it blows up by any chance, which I hope it does, to be on tour. Because, how many times have you gone to a concert and it's like, not the same singer?"

Corabi, speaking to Cobras & Fire Rock Podcast, said “I did a couple of songs for Mick but I think Mick is still trying to figure out what direction he wants to go in. Personally I think honestly, everybody that knows Mick knows he’s a great guitar player, he’s very underrated and everybody knows that he’s a big Jeff Beck fan and he loves a lot of his blews stuff. I said to Mick ‘You should do the Mars Man tone, that big gnarly tone that you’ve got and just write a bunch of cool blues riffs and go from there’”

“He’s gotta figure it out it’s his solo record it’s gotta have his name on it, he’s gotta do what he wants to do, if there’s anything I can do to help him I will”

“I literally went in [to the studio], I sang them and done! and then I went on tour so I don’t know what he’s got going on...I’m anxiously awaiting to see what he comes up with”. It looks like we can say goodbye to any hope of a full Mars/Corabi record, or even teh two songs they recorded together.

Corabi also opened up about he struggled with trying to be himself whilst join The Dead Daisies.

“It took me a while to find guys that were easy to work with and I started working on my solo career then in 2015 Daisies called and say ‘We want you to do this too’”

“I was trying to reinvent myself and I was trying to make myself...I was trying to be something that I wasn’t you know, I was trying to find that little niche that I could fit myself into where I was viable and selling records you know but in the grand scheme of things I kind of sat down and went, with the industry being the way that it is, nobody’s selling any records so why are you trying to change yourself to achieve something that is probably unachievable”

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