After an immensely fantastic reaction to their 2016 release “Peace in Our Time”, Northampton, UK based Krysthla are coming back with a follow up release this August, their third studio album titled “Worldwide Negative”. The 5-piece extreme metal band, who in the past have toured with Decapitated and supported the likes of Slayer and Gojira, implement a variety of sounds in this new release.

Throughout their albums, they have worked up to creating a sound that stands out, with hints of atmosphere fused with progressive death metal and some of the most aggressive vocals, with a cherry of cleans on top. Worldwide Negative will make you want to punch somebody, but with emotion.

While Krysthla have stayed loyal to the delivery of their blackened guitar riffs, regular blast beats and vocals that rip right inside of your soul, this album feels a little more progressive when compared to the previous albums, especially the track “Reawaken”, which is trying to tell a positive message through the lyrics.

we're slowly destroying our sense of empathy and giving in to a darker way of life
- Krysthla

Think In Flames with hints of Dream Theater but still inclusive of the death metal spin. And of course, the atmospheric guitar playing during parts of some songs, which totally bring out the emotion of what Krysthla tried to create with this album.

“We are extremely excited to finally reveal details about our new album, ‘Worldwide Negative’. We always push ourselves to the limit when producing new music, but this upcoming release exceeded what we thought we had in the tank. It’s been an exhaustive but exhilarating process! ‘Worldwide Negative’ is an album with more of an introspective view towards ourselves as the human race, how we impact the world and each other.

In the pursuit of happiness, safety and security, we're slowly destroying our sense of empathy and giving in to a darker way of life that ultimately can only end in misery.”- Neil Hudson, Krysthla guitarist and producer.

“Zero Sum Game” is the fourth song from Worldwide Negative, released in early June this year alongside a music video to promote the general release on the 16th August. It has already been given extensive airplay on Kerrang!, Primordial and Bloodstock Radio to name a few, as well as was voted #1 by Metal Hammer’s Louder readers in the tracks of the week, which also saw Slipknot in the top 3.

The song is about life and death, but it also highlights the void most of us are stuck in, spending our entire lives chasing something completely meaningless. Every single song on this record has its own individual story but the overall message has a dark theme throughout it, which is probably the reason behind the dark album title.

The more you listen to Worldwide Negative, the more addicted you become. You will slowly notice things that you may not have noticed the first time around, it will send you on a crazy roller coaster of feelings and you will want more. These guys have truly created a piece of art once again.

You can catch them destroying the main stage at Bloodstock this year.

10 Aug - Bloodstock Open Air (Mainstage)
25 Aug - Nottingham, Ye Olde Salutation Inn
07 Sept - Nuneaton, Queens Hall
27 Sept - Glasgow, Nice N' Sleazy
28 Sept - Dundee, Hordes X
29 Sept - Inverness, The Market Bar
6 Dec - Reading, Facebarmageddon
15 Feb - Hrh Metal, Birmingham
10 Apr - Abertillery, Dementia Awareness Festival

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