MARILYN MANSON says new album ‘out before the end of the year, definitely...’

The God Of Fuck Returns...

Posted 08.07.2019 09:03
Updated 08.07.2019 10:13



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We’ve known the God Of Fuck has been working on a new record with Shooter Jennings, whom recently helped produce and write Duff Mckagan's new record, Tenderness, which came out a few weeks ago. Now, Manson has revealed that his new record will be out before the end of the year, speaking in a new interview with Revolver Magazine.

Fans will also be pleased to know that Manson has a new Art Book coming out along with the release of the new album, and the Evil Twins tour with Rob Zombie.

it'll be out before the end of the year, definitely
- Manson

“Last night, I was working pretty late in the studio, and we finished the sixth song. So, it'll be out before the end of the year, definitely. I plan on going on the Twins of Evil tour, and I have an art book that I'm going to release, and I'll probably have a bunch of exhibitions all over to go along with it. And then I'll release the album after that.” - Manson

So far, the new album has no title, however, he’s considering calling the new record ‘Marilyn Manson’.

Manson says “I'm in a mode in life where I wanted to tell stories with this record, and it's sort of like a wax museum of my thoughts, a study of the chamber of horrors in my head.”

Considering his previous record, Heaven Upside Down, was only released back in 2017, it seems Manson is now following a pattern of releasing a new album every two years. His previous record before this, The Pale Emperor, being launched in 2015.

Manson says he’s also landed an acting role in the new Stephen King series, ‘The Stand’, which he has recorded a cover of The Doors - ‘The End’ to accompany the show.

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“Shooter and I also did a cover of "The End" by the Doors, for a new miniseries of The Stand by Stephen King, which I'm also going to be acting in. I think that sort of kick-started our process for the album, and started us exploring different things."

Manson also weighs in on his opinion of rock and roll attitude, “Well, if you don't wear sunglasses, it's not rock & roll. I don't even know how people can survive without sunglasses, in general. And when you get home, you don't take off your "work" clothes. I mean, on tour, I never change my clothes, at all. I'm Jim Morrison-ing it.”

Read the full interview with Revolver here.

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