Today marks not only the release of his 3rd studio record, but also, Post Malone has revealed some interesting details about a new Rosé Wine he’s releasing. A wine that he says will help to ease your anxiety.

I'm just trying to make something I love
- Post Malone

In a new interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 (Apple Music) that took place in the South Of France recently, Post discussed all manner of things in a long in depth 40 minute talk. He talks about money, travel, drugs, mental health, and, you guessed it, wine. “We are here working on our Rosé” says Post.

He explains to Zane the product due for release, saying “we’re coming out with a wine and we’re here, ya know, finalizing the blend” as he pulls a bottle from an ice bucket for Zane to inspect. “I have a little prototype bottle here [to try]...I was watching something a little ghosty while ago...some spooky show and they were talking about tarot cards and I heard them mention the 9 of swords and I did a little research and it was for anxiety. I wanted to make something that after a long anxious day and you’re just working your ass off and nothing seems to be going right, you can just sit at home and have a couple of glasses to take the edge off.”

Malone and Zane joke about after 5-6 more bottles, it will probably increase your anxiety levels quite some. “Everything in moderation” Malone says.

Malone also talks about his new clothing brand “I’m just trying to get into…ya know we’re doing hemp and weed...I wore my fancy sharp pink suit so I’m trying to get my tentacles out there. A lot of fingers in pies.”

“I spent all my fucking life, I’m 24, for what it’s worth in school and shit worrying about what ‘I care what so and so thinks’ yourself express yourself, live your live, if people wanna join in with you and you can make a family out of whatever you’re doing, music, clothes, art it’s a bueatiful thing.”

Although Post doesn’t give details as to when these products are coming out, you can certainly expect them to be on every shelf in every store across the globe.

Watch the full interview below.

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