Before we get into this, It’s important to point out that this is not your standard novelty Power Metal record or band. Power Metal itself can often come across as super cheesy and isn’t something that we ever entertain here. EQUILIBRIUM is something very different, and unique within its own elements. However, previous offerings from EQUILIBRIUM could be seen as focused around the idea of Power Metal, their new record is instantly fresh when it comes to their approach in musical style. This, is Epic Metal...

This time around, however, it was less experimenting and more of an organic, liberating process of creation
- René Berthiaume

Taking into consideration the new direction EQUILIBRIUM have decided to embrace with their latest record, Renegades, this could either be a huge success for the band or a black mark on their already successful career. Although founder and guitarist, René Berthiaume, states “I have always had a very broad taste in music, thus we have been experimenting with Equilibrium from the very beginning” we all know how fans can react to change. Especially when artists stray from a well established hallowed path. Take Bring Me The Horizon for example, once the kings of a new wave of hardcore back in the 00s with a dedicated following of brutal fans, many of which now hate them for “turning their backs” on the very scene they helped to create by essentially releasing an experimental Pop Metal record with AMO earlier this year. However, they are now at the height of their career and scored their first Number One chart record in the UK.

With this in mind, Equilibrium have taken a huge risk with 6th studio album, Renegades. Leaving behind the more ethereal sounding effects of previous material and focusing on creating a more cohesive Metal sound, an incredibly powerful sound compared to older records. The power of this record is the first thing that hit’s you, which considering it was recorded in a home studio could easily award Equilibrium with one of the most impressively produced records of 2019.

We generally have subsets of genres for good reason. It helps the listener to identify with the style of music on offer and gives you a taste of things to come throughout an entire record. This helps you relate to the artist, it gives you an insight into the inner workings of how they operate as musicians. Many artists try to expand a record into something that breaks the norm of what they have become known to be. Most fail, miserably. An experimental record can quite literally destroy a bands career, mainly because they’re venturing into territory they are simply not familiar with in order to build a new fan base or compete with the current trends. This often comes across as very mechanical, forced, and disingenuous which fans can see right through.

Equilibrium, however, seemed to have unlocked the secret to combining several genres and musical concepts to create, what is quite honestly, one of the most successfully executed experimental metal records of the year, maybe even the decade. This Southern Bavarian Metal outfit have somehow managed to seamlessly blend Metalcore, Melodic Metal, Death Metal, Power Metal, and even hints of Industrial Metal into one single record.

Throughout their 18 year career, Equilibrium have always been an experimental band at heart, however, new album Renegades has launched them onto an entirely new platform altogether and it appears this was not by accident as Berthiaume himself explains “I confess that I fell into some kind of routine in some of our older songs. It took me a while to realize it. But from that moment on, I knew that I didn’t want to give routine even the slightest chance. I guess this is why I had so much fun doing this album!”. True to their word, Equilibrium have not only challenged the saturated sound of many modern Metal genres, but they have also managed to conquer the biggest challenge any artist can face, self progression and natural development.

Renegades is a new era for Equilibrium and a new benchmark for Metal that other bands would struggle to reach. It’s Equilibrium's time to run with the wolves...

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