As citizens of the United States Of America took part in Memorial Day services across the country on 27th May 2019, two days later, one of the biggest metal bands on the planet were doing their bit to help communities and people struggling to survive in modern day society.

In December 2018, we saw Foo Fighters raising money for a food bank by putting on a benefit barbeque with Dave Grohl donning his apron and cooking up some tasty treats for locals.

Metallica have been donating to food banks during the last few years and recently decided to go public to help raise awareness of the current issues many people are facing when it comes to food shortages and homelessness, encouraging fans and everyday citizens to get involved.

In a new interview with Forbes, Metallica bass player, Robert Trujillo, who joined the band in 2003, openly talks about his own personal experiences meeting people first hand that are struggling to get by every day.

There are a lot of different reasons for homelessness...I see what's happening now and it just seems like it's worse than ever
- Trujillo

Speaking to Forbes, Trujillo says:

"I see what's happening now and it just seems like it's worse than ever. So for me individually, I always try to figure out what I can do. I've helped out at the food shelters up north in San Francisco when I lived up there. And you start to realize if we can reach out to our fan base, like last year I think there were a thousand people from the fan base reached out and connected with day of service. This year it's over 3,000. That's a significant number I feel."

"Like last year we bagged apples for sack lunches for kids and their school programs, after school meals, also weekends. Some of these kids need lunches during the weekends. They can have sack lunches for the weekend as well. That's where we go through the fruit, pick out the bad stuff, get the good stuff and this all comes from donations."

Read the full interview HERE

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