Stockholm, and Sweden, in general, has been quietly rising through the ranks of Hard Rock and Metal music for the past couple of decades and delivering some of the most interesting and authentic artists we’ve seen for a long time. The Swedes have a talent for being able to understand the fundamental concepts of what it takes to write great music, as well as deliver seriously high quality in terms of production.

If you’re familiar with the Swedish music scene then you will no doubt be familiar with artists such as Hardcore Superstar, The Hellacopters, Mustasch, Crazy Lixx, Crashdiet and H.E.A.T to name a few. The acts head up the Hard Rock and 80s Rock invasion that is currently taking hold across Scandinavia and Europe. However, Sweden also has a great history with Metal Music, and more recently, MetalCore.

we quickly became hungry to deliver new material, but without a record label in the back to fund our release
- Self Deception

Artists such as In Flames, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, At The Gates, and Opeth helped to develop Sweden’s Metal scene into one the world now takes very seriously. Now, bands like Self Deception are rising up to the challenge of fronting the Scandinavian MetalCore scene.

“The inspiration of 'Smoke you out' comes from the feeling when a person's last drop of patience has run out and even the inner predator takes over. Nothing matters anymore and everything in the periphery is erased” - Self Deception

Although their new EP, Endorse the Art, is a very promising contender for a new wave of MetalCore, they have some serious competition just across the Baltic Sea. Germany is quickly producing some of the most innovative MetalCore bands we’ve seen for a long time. With established acts such as CALLEJON and newcomers The Oklahoma Kid releasing incredible albums, Germany could be the place to keep your eye on.

Self Deception have been analyzing their own talents and putting every ounce of effort into exploring new possibilities when it comes to their new material to help them push forward and capitalize on their already powerful sound. But has it paid off?

“After the album, we quickly became hungry to deliver new material, but without a record label in the back to fund our release, we reached out to our fans and asked for help. We started a crowdfund and were met directly by an incredible impact, we achieved our goal in just 4 days! We became lyrical, what fans! That's when we decided on the name, 'Endorse the Art', as a thank you to everyone who helped make this release a reality. To give something extra we also chose to perpetuate them and their names on the EP's cover - Self Deception

Diving into their previous self titled album released in 2018, it’s instantly obvious the band have focused on ramping up their production efforts with this new EP. Endorse the Art has indeed shown that Self Deception are starting to evolve into their own unique style and take on MetalCore. It’s heavier, more aggressive, and noticeably more cohesive in terms of composition. Most artists fall into the trap of trying to play faster and heavier to progress their sound and completely neglect the fine art of songwriting. Self Deception have found an idyllic balance here and are well on their way to producing some excellent records in the future.

Endorse the Art is Self Deception’s most epic journey to date and well worth adding to your collection!

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