As we gear up for the release of the highly anticipated new Slipknot album, their first since ‘5: The Gray Chapter’ that was released back in 2014, there is also news of new Slipknot Tour dates for 2019.

Slipknot have long been associated with the occult thanks to their Satanic looking masks, hellish music, and demonic image on stage with Slipknot members looking like they've just come straight from the set of Hellraiser.

Now, they can add another cult achievement to their long list of demonic associations. As of their last tour, finishing in North America at Louisville Champions Park, Louisville, KY, USA, Slipknot have played 666 concerts in the United States.

Thanks to that keeps track of 1000s of artists touring schedule, we can praise the mighty Slipknot for reaching the number of the beast! From some of their first ever tours such as The Unholy Alliance Tour, The Nothing Tour, and Prepare For Hell Tour back in the early 2000s, to their last round of debauchery during All Hope is Gone Tour, Kill The Industry Tour, and more, Slipknot are one of the most spectacular bands you can see live.

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