In an age of glorified reality shows hellbent on churning out pop bands, talentless teenagers and one hit wonders, real music is being pushed aside and by real music we mean music actually written by musicians that live and breath rock and roll, bands that lock themselves away in a secluded room full of beers, substances, guitars and good ideas and write songs until they party or pass out.

However, these bands still exist and are pushing rock music forward harder, faster and stronger than ever before. One of those bands are the Swedish born rockers, ‘StunGun Sons’ who are just about to release their new EP ‘Everyone's Electric’.

Their new record kicks off with a burst of pure rock and roll energy, high octane guitar riffs, vicious vocals and killer chord changes. If you don’t have the urge to down a crate of beer and smash back some Jägerbomb within the first 10 seconds of hitting play, you’re not playing it loud enough.

The Swedish rock scene, as with most around the world, is heavily influenced by bands such as AC/DC, Rival Sons, The Hellacopters and KISS which can lead to most bands sounding like cheap rip-offs of their idols.

StunGun Sons have managed to channel that influence and create their own unique and instantly recognisable style which is a hell of an achievement. The record just has soul, you can hear the raw passion powering through the speakers.

The EP also features a guest appearance from the one and only Boba Fett. The original keyboard player for The Hellacopters. He lends his frantic fingers to the bands killer cover of ‘Toys and Flavours’ which is exceptional. For any band to try and take on such an iconic song is a brave move but StunGun Sons nail it and give the track a new lease of life.

‘Everyone's Electric’ is a perfect example of how rock and roll should be played and just goes to show the genre is very much alive and kicking.

Be sure to catch StunGun Sons playing a not to be missed hometown show @ Harry B James in Stockholm on May 18th.

StunGun Sons are Adam Inghamn - Lead Vocals, Mikael Juntti - Guitar, Johan Jönsson - Guitar, Fredde Burestad - Bass & Tim Jälminger - Drums


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