Suicide rates amongst young men have been steadily increasing in recent years, as more and more sturggle with the world around them and feel as if they have no one to turn to. 70% of all those who take their lives are men, and in Sweden alone, Mustasch’s home country, 227,000 calls flooded a mental health charity, however, only 1 in ten calls could be answered due to lack of resources.

‘What Is Wrong’ is our fight song for young men suffering from mental illness
- Ralf Gyllenhammar

Mustasch have launched a campaign to help tackle this issue. Talking about their new single, What Is Wrong (which is also the name of the campaign), singer, Ralf Gyllenhammar says “‘What Is Wrong’ is our fight song for young men suffering from mental illness. Men are expected to be strong and dare not seek help. We want to change that in Mustache. That's why we are now starting the #whatiswrong campaign”

Gyllenhammar continues “Our goal is to raise SEK 200,000. That amount allows Mind's volunteers to receive 600 calls from support applicants in the Suicide Line. It is conversation that saves lives.”

The band also took to social media to make a heartfelt plea to their fans.

“Until now, Mustasch's only position has been hard rock, liquor parties and rubbish. Many of our fans are men and we know that many seek solace in our music. But after becoming aware that suicide is increasing among young men in particular, we feel that we want to do more. For a large number of men do not dare to seek help. And when they dare, there are no resources on the guides to receive all calls. THIS IS A DISASTER! That is why in Mustache we have started the collection #whatiswrong together with the support organization Mind. Help us to hell! It could be your son, brother or polar bear. Click on the link and make your contribution NOW! Ugh! We have spoken.


Please help if you can using this link

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