We’ve waited 13 long years for new material from TOOL after their last released back in 2006, 10000 Days. Today, the wait is finally over and we can say it was certainly worth it. Well, maybe not 13 years worth it, but worth it. TOOL released their new single, FEAR INOCULUM at 8am ET, from the new album of the same name set to be released on August 30th 2019.

The single is a blistering 10 minutes long and is a shining example of the depths that TOOL are willing to go to in order to create their art. Many artists have a wide varying fanbase with a large proportion of them being incredibly dedicated to them. Most will possess such an in depth knowledge of the band that they commonly know more about the careers of the artist than the artist know themselves. TOOL certainly have a cult following, built over the years since their debut record, UNDERTOW, in 1993. It’s understandable that many fans have a deep emotional bond with certain artists and TOOL fans have displayed just that, after the release of FEAR INOCULUM.

My husband put it on in the car while I was driving and I started crying

One of the most die-hard subsets of the internet are the never ending communities of Reddit. A place where many gather to discuss anything ranging from aliens, to memes, to science, and of course, music. We decided to check out the TOOL subreddit to see what fans thought of the new single. Overall it’s a pretty positive attitude towards the new TOOL material, however, it’s left some fans in a bit of a state. Clearly overwhelmed by the event of new music from a band that had essentially disappeared.

Some fans had to stop driving, some broke down in tears, and others couldn’t quite grasp the fact that TOOL had even released new material.

"Love his vocals in this, you’re not the only one. And chills again when his vocals made that first change to deeper/darker"

Many fans just seem to be totally losing their shit “Fuck I'm not ready. I was kid when 10,000 days came out. I'm turning 30 in a few months. I'm at Walmart right now, y'all. Buying cat food at 8am and waiting to see the chiropractor at 11. I'm living in another world now. Most of my life has happened in this decade, all while waiting for this song. One minute you're waiting, next thing you know you forget and move on, then you give up and accept and then all the sudden you're back and the moment is here and it's like everything has changed and nothing has changed. I'm so fucking excited right now and I haven't felt like this in years. And I don't care. I've literally told strangers to listen. Now I need to buy this catfood and get back to the house, smoke a bowl, and think about how things may take time but they'll always be ok.

I'm ready.

Edit: nope, wasn't ready. I watched my Spotify update and I lost it. I'm not even ashamed."

One TOOL fan said “I was silent on my first listen...second listen it hit me and I started crying while I belted out in laughter like I belonged on a psych unit”. Another said “Did anyone cry a little? Getting something you've wanted after 13 years of waiting for it is a unique experience.” whilst others literally just broke down.

“Just woke up and looked at my phone. My brain couldn't compute the notification. Clicked on it and the music started. Brain still struggling to process. 10 minute song to start my day. Best wake up call ever. But surreal. A real life am-I-still-dreaming moment.”

Some fans had to turn the song off whilst driving out of fear they might have an accident “My husband put it on in the car while I was driving and I started crying and we had to turn it off 💗😢 will be listening at home”.

No doubt, many readers might find this somewhat strange, and even mock TOOL fans for displaying such an emotional response, however, these are the kinds of fans that bands need, these are the types of fans that help drive a band forward onto the path of success and we need more of them. This type of passion for music is becoming increasingly rare. If it dies out, the music will too.

Also, the new TOOL song is incredible.

Check out the entire megathread with over 1000 comments here.

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