If you didn’t know by now, former Blink-182 frontman, Tom Delonge, has been involved with the search for alien life for some time now. After Blink disbanded he wanted to pursue something a bit more meaningful in life, other than paying homeless people thousands of dollars to get dressed up like pimps in pop punk music videos.

He even created his very own alien research project called, To The Stars Academy which has so far raised millions of dollars in investment capital, as well as become the very first Arts & Science company to obtain official U.S. Government footage of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena that had gone through the declassification process and been approved for public release.

There’s something here that is millions of years more advanced than us…
- Tom Delonge

Delonge has somehow managed to rub shoulders with some very high up officials in the Ministry Of Defence to convince them that he should play a vital role in the search for Alien life.

Now, in a new interview with KROQ, Delonge reveals just how far down the rabbit hole he seems to have travelled.

“I just got super involved in the US Government” Delonge tells KROQ. “at the very beginning of it I was playing a lot of very important people off of each other, it was really kind of funny...what happened was...I didn’t take no for an answer...you can’t go into the topic of UFOs, knock on doors and think they’re gonna read you into anything, it’s national security...I knew what was going on.”

“I got connected...um...I went through..I gotta be careful how I say certain things...I went through some Department Of Defence officials and then I went through NASA and I eventually got connected to the General who holds the keys to all this stuff but it was hard to get to him.”

Delonge says he struggled to convince the unnamed officials that this would be good for the Country and for young people to be exposed to what might be going on in the world of extraterrestrials.

Delonge also says when he finally found the right person to speak to, they met up in a secluded style booth in a cafe, James Bond style to discuss how he might become involved in the unveiling of little green.

“This topic is really scary...it’s much bigger than UFOs in the sky”

“When we found out what was going on after world war 2, it scared the hell out of everybody involved and so what they did was “we gotta figure out what this subject is”. We need to do it in crazy secrecy because this is really really advance.”

“The government slipped operatives, over decades, into these UFO groups and into the news and just made everyone think it was dumb, but it was for good reason”

“I have met very high ranking intelligence officials that have had encounters...there’s actually some really unnerving aspects. There’s one program where there’s hundreds of operatives that have been having contact”

The more and more you watch the new Tom Delonge, the more you actually believe him. He even states he has been speaking to skunk works lockheed martin, the organization that built Area 51.

“There’s something here that is millions of years more advanced than us…”

I believe...

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