During the early 2000s, when Nu-Metal kept Rollin Rollin Rollin across the screens of the once prestigious MTV2, the flurry of red caps, crisp Adidas sneakers and strange partnerships with Mission Impossible films dominated the airwaves.

MTV2 was especially known for the place to maybe catch a glimpse of your favourite new underground band. For those lucky enough to grace the airwaves, many artists caught the break they needed to go from small time club headliners, to nationwide cult leaders. Vex Red were one of those artists.

They had an Itch to scratch and a Persistent Desire to go against the norm of the day when it came to music. Their unique industrial take on Alternative Metal, at the time, was the Cause and Solution to all of our problems. Their sound took us into another dimension, a portal to a better world through their vision of sound.

Vex Reds debut record, Start with a Strong and Persistent Desire, completely changed how we would perceive Alternative and Nu Metal. It had a dystopian flare that helped to maksed the highly polished Pop Metal of the day. Although this record received a positive response from the nation, it was without doubt one of the most underrated albums of the decade.

As our political landscapes get rougher with each new direction and power game we find ourselves underneath a growing storm
- Terry Abbott

“’Tarantula’ is about finding calm in a world full of noise - to quiet the static and outrun the turbulence” explains vocalist and guitarist Terry Abbott. “As our political landscapes get rougher with each new direction and power game we find ourselves underneath a growing storm. It feels like a sense of helpless imminence has us in its grasp.”

After a long spell of silence, and a hint of a return in 2016 with their single, ‘Burn This Place’, it appears that Vex Red have finally decided to resurrect the hallowed sound of the resistance.

Their brand new single ‘Tarantula’, is our first taste of new material in three years. And along with it, details of their now high anticipated new EP have emerged.

‘GIVE ME THE DARK’, a new 6 track EP will be released on October 4th and is available for pre-order here. Vex Red will also be headlining Camden Assembly on September 13th. Tickets available here.

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