Who needs the Big Four of Thrash when you have Extrema

Extrema Headbanging Forever...literally...

Posted 14.05.2019 09:03
Updated 14.05.2019 10:13


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Who would have thought, 38 years after Venom released their debut record ‘Welcome To Hell’ in 1981 that Thrash would still be powering through the decades with fresh new talent constantly emerging from all corners of the Earth? Venom introduced the world to a very dark and Satanic form of Thrash metal which would later take on many deviations in style, tempo, and delivery across the continents.

Thrash Metal took a stronghold on the music scene in the 80s when the ‘Big Four’ started to dominate the airwaves. Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeth introduced the world to a more melodic version of Thrash Metal. A version that was rewarded with number one albums across the globe and opened up a new era of Metal to the masses.

Along with the Big Four, bands such as Possessed, Exodus, Overkill, Death Angel, Judas Priest, and Sepultura all helped to shape Thrash Metal into the beast it is today. There’s also an insane amount of modern Thrash Metal bands releasing seriously powerful records such as Municipal Waste, Nightrage, Machine Head, and Savage Messiah to name but a few. And now we have another one to add to our collection.

When you think of Thrash, you think, USA, Scandinavia or the UK. You generally don’t go looking for new Thrash Metal in say, Italy. However, that’s exactly where this monstrous new record was born.

Milan based metalheads ‘Extrema’ have just unleashed their seventh studio album, ‘Headbanging Forever’.

Formed in 1986, they boast an impressive back catalog of albums, with their debut EP being released in 1987 - We Fuckin' Care EP.

Thrash Metal is arguably the most challenging to write, record and play due to its chaotic nature and the aggressive technical skill needed to be proficient in the genre. Not to mention having to master the art of metal melodies. Seriously difficult to achieve.

One very simple thing will make or break a thrash metal record and instantly define the bands' credibility. Experience.

Not only do Extrema have the experience they need to create a credible record, but they also clearly understand their craft and their instruments. This is blindly obvious within the first 30 seconds of the opening track, ‘The Call’.

Highly skilled, well produced, powerful yet melodic in all the right places, and the force of a 1000 nuclear bombs behind the drums. It’s great to hear a modern thrash record with such a heavy influence from the gods of thrash themselves, but not simply copied or poorly imitated, true passion has been injected into every bar of this album. With special mention to vocalist Tiziano Titian Spigno for demonstrating such powerfully controlled vocals and guitarist Tommy Massara forextrema.jpg laying down, some inspired solo’s on this record.