It's fair to say the global music industry is in somewhat of a mess at the moment, with streaming services taking hold of the once lucrative market for smaller bands to make a living and the rise of the talentless talent shows producing some of the worst "bands" and "entertainment" that die-hard music fan has ever seen, well, that the world has ever seen.

These changes have also shifted the style of music genre that seems to be popular among people of all ages and cultures across Europe and the United States.

Long gone are the glory days of heavy metal music and real rock and roll when bands like Guns N Roses, Social Distortion, Zeke, Kiss, Anthrax and old school rock and roll artists like AC/DC, Motorhead and Judas Priest ruled airways and TV screens around the globe.

We've succumbed to an awful culture of kid pop stars, "Gangsta" rappers, novelty bands, and essentially utterly shit music. You can't even call it music. People have become infatuated with the amount of money these "acts" make, how many expensive cars they have in their videos and how many $ signs they can fit into their name.

The rock genre seems to have taken a bit of a beating all over the globe with people turning their ears to idiots rapping about weed and how many bitches they can slap, and get away with it. Just exactly how many songs can people tolerate comprising of the same 808 drum beat, regurgitated lyrical content, and same dodgy as fuck sound effect, played over and over again?

Let's not even get started with that moron with crayons for teeth.

What happened to the good old music video consisting of 5 guys playing the fuck out of their instruments and smashing some shit up in the process? Apparently, we all have to wear Gucci to be noticed, fuck off.

What happened to the real musicians that actually lived & breathed rock and roll, not only as a musical outlet but as a lifestyle. When real lyrics meant something, every guitar note hit a chord with every listener and more importantly every gig was a family reunion because bands shared as much passion for their music as their fans did!

Rock and roll IS still alive, just, and in one small (mostly cold) corner of this apathetic world, it's screaming to get out and conquer the globe once again.

We are of course talking about the land of the Vikings and birthplace of ABBA (OK, so they weren't a rock and roll band but we'll choose them any day of the week amongst most the crap we hear at the moment).

Scandinavia might be one of the coldest places to live in Europe but they currently have some of the hottest rock and roll artists going. Plus, the longest summer days filled with the most beautiful sunsets and skies, and fucking great beer!

If you've ever visited some of the bigger cities in Sweden, Stockholm, and Göteborg (Gothenburg) you'll know that the rock scenes here are very much alive and kicking.

People still love real rock and roll music, and not just older bands that kicked off the metal and rock scene back in the 70s and 80s. They love new music and new rock bands. They even go out and support their local scene! Imagine that!

You'll also notice that the level of musicianship help by most musicians and bands here in Sweden is astounding. It just seems to come naturally to them. You'd be forgiven for thinking that Stevie Ray Vaughn is playing every Rock & Blues bar in town, it's insane how talented some people are here.

We've hand-picked 13 of the best acts from Sweden that are single-handedly responsible for reigniting a long lost flame in the fire of rock and roll.

(In no particular order)

Sverige, Vi älskar dig!



Honeymoon Disease


Hardcore Superstar


Backyard Babies


Imperial State Electric

Crazy Lixx


The Hellacopters

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